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Alumni Student Reviews

Online Branch Campus

"With my work schedule, I would not have been able to complete my education in a traditional setting. I now have more opportunities–most places are only hiring registered respiratory therapists these days."

Terrance Showers
Respiratory Therapy

"After speaking with everyone and calling IU, I decided their respiratory therapy program was the right way to go. As it turned out, it was a great decision for me. The program was less expensive than a more traditional one, and more flexible to the time constraints of working full time at a hospital."

Brian Sobolowski
Respiratory Therapy

"The faculty was very helpful and accessible. As a result of enrolling and graduating from Independence University, I earned a degree for the very first time and increased my gross income. I obtained an advanced credential for my profession and more recognition."

Kathleen Smith
Allied Health

"The staff was so helpful in getting me started. I liked the ability to work at my own pace, and the course offerings were relevant."

Doris Laursen
Healthcare Administration

"As a result of enrolling and graduating from Independence University, I gained personal satisfaction, an increased salary, and a pay grade. From earning my degree, I've experienced increased respect from colleagues, increased knowledge and skills, and increased confidence."

Sheree Gordon
Healthcare Administration

"Independence University is a very flexible school that really wants you to succeed… I liked the ability to move at my specific learning pace… I can testify that you will learn a lot! As a result of enrolling and graduating from here, I gained experience, knowledge, and a raise."

Christopher Meredith
Health Services Management

"As a manager of quality assurance and respiratory therapy at a small hospital, my work load was huge. The flexible hours and short courses at IU allowed me to complete my degree without impacting my career."

Ramar Jette
Health Services Management

"I was really worried about starting a program that was completely online… Independence University was so helpful and gave easy-to-understand directions for all of their courses. The online help was fantastic."

Elizabeth Your
Nursing Administration

"I liked getting the courses done in four weeks because it motivated me not to procrastinate and to get the job done. With the knowledge I learned in my program these past two years, it has helped me grow in my profession. I have been able to apply to my job many of the things I've learned."

Wanda Martinez

"Online classes allowed me to achieve a higher degree without ever having to leave home. From earning my degree, I've experienced higher pay, greater confidence, and greater respect from my peers."

Lydia Mulligan
Respiratory Therapy

"At Independence University, I was able to work and attend school at the same time. Now… I have greater self-respect and confidence. School helped me to get out of a rut and back to self-improvement. Obtaining my RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist credential) has earned me respect from my friends and co-workers."

Timothy Wolfe
Respiratory Therapy

"As an online program, I like that it gave me the freedom to set my own hours. This is alway challenging for a full-time mother, employee, and student. The student support center and the professors were always there to help. I was able to receive a raise at work, and I also gained the self-satisfaction of becoming an RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist). I feel very comfortable teaching students that come to my hospital, and I feel like I've become a more well-rounded therapist."

Maria Aranda
Respiratory Therapy

"I liked the opportunity to learn around my personal schedule. From earning my degree, I've experienced opportunity for more growth, more pay, and a feeling of accomplishment."

Stephanie Bishop
Respiratory Therapy

"What I liked most about Independence University was doing my classes at my own time. From earning my degree, I've experienced the benefits of financial security and doing what I love, which is helping other people."

Mustapha Sawaneh
Respiratory Therapy

"It was a challenge balancing work and school. I found that the support of a great staff helped with the transition. What I liked most was the ability to study at my own pace. I really enjoyed my experience, and I would recommend it. The university prepares you for a new and wonderful career."

Jeffrey Woods
Respiratory Therapy

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after starting classes. If I had been attending traditional classes, I would not have been able to complete my courses. Here at Independence University, I was able to coordinate my classes, my surgeries, and my treatments and still finish all classes within a year. From earning my degree, I've experienced more job responsibilities, a raise in salary, and the feeling of being just as good as my peers!"

Linda Williams
Respiratory Therapy

"Independence University gave me the tools I needed to acquire my education. I liked the attention that I got from the instructors and the staff. From earning my degree, I've experienced courage, employment, and confidence."

Adebamike Bamiduro
Respiratory Therapy

"It was a challenge juggling family and school, and distance education allowed me more flexibility. From earning my degree, I've experienced salary compensation, pride with my degree, and a greater knowledge in my field."

Joseph Tillman
Nursing Administration with a Clinical Nurse Educator emphasis