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Financial Aid Term Awards – April 2015

We are so proud of our students! Below are all the students whose academic excellence* deserves a shout-out. The President’s List comprises students whose GPAs are 3.91 to 4.0; the Dean’s List comprises students whose GPAs are 3.76 to 3.9; … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Successful Online Study

Preparing for success in online classes follows a different roadmap than traditional classrooms. Thankfully, with classmates and a professor, you won’t be on your own – just going without a physical classroom and a long commute. Still, it can be easy … Continue reading

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Why Get a Degree in Graphic Design?

Is graphic design a marketable degree or just a fun hobby? Every degree’s value depends on what you do with it, and with so much emphasis on digital media these days — whether on computers, tablets, or mobile phones — the … Continue reading

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7 Simple Study Hacks Scientifically Proven to Help You Focus

In the Information Age, it seems as though studying for college exams is about three percent study time and 97 percent not getting distracted by the Internet. Unfortunately, you don’t have time to click on every attention-grabbing link you come … Continue reading

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