Friday Link Round-Up for March 9: Entrepreneurship, College Degrees, and More

It’s a new feature here on the blog, and one of our favorites: the Friday Link Round-Up, where we point you toward the interesting, informative, useful and fun stuff we find all over the web. This week: entrepreneurship could be the answer, “cyber anthropology,” more adults than ever are heading back for their degrees—maybe because studies show that a degree can lead to better health in midlife?

>TIME reports that young Americans are optimistic about our country’s future, and the entrepreneur spirit they foster should be encouraged as core skills for all American entrepreneurship employees: adaptability, creativity and financial literacy.

>Our lives are becoming more and more entwined with technology, and it’s changing the way we think and act. And in response, a fascinating new academic discipline is emerging: cyber anthropology.

>When the economy got rocky, adults went back to college to get their degrees. And now Americans age 60 and older are more likely than ever before to hold a college degree.

>More and more students are non-traditional, earning their higher ed degrees in their twenties and later—and a study now shows that these students are not only improving their career prospects, but their health as well.

What have you guys been reading this week? Point us to your favorite stories on the web!

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Friday Link Round-Up for March 9: Entrepreneurship, College Degrees, and More by

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