Independence University – 1st Quarter 2012 – Academic Lists for Four-Week Students

Independence University is proud of their students who work hard and put in effort to excel academically. To recognize that, Independence University acknowledges the academic achievements of their students by presenting them with quarterly awards. A list of the recipients of these awards are posted so the entire student body and faculty can recognize their achievements.

There are three quarterly awards: The Honor Roll, the Dean’s List, and the President’s List. We would like to Stevens-Henager College 3rd Quarter 2011 Honor Roll recognize the four-week students who have worked hard and commend them for their efforts.

Please check the lists below and help us celebrate the success of our students who have made the Academic Lists for the 1st quarter of 2012!




Independence University

Academic Lists for Four-Week Students – 1st Quarter 2012

Honor Roll

Dean’s List

President’s List

Dahunsi, Kevin

Zito, Debra Dee

Joseph, Felicia R

DuBois, TaLoni

Haig, Mike

Wood, Rachel Scott

Espinoza, Lourdes

Wilson, Dennis

Hicks, Kathleen

Francoeur, Bibiane

Barzana, Beatriz

Ortega, Pedro

Vasudevan, Prakash

Mares, Ramiro

Vogt, David

Stein, David

Huynh, Minh

Koehnlein, Martin

Melendez, Michelle Rene

Civello, Ralph

Autieri, Stephen

Dusing, Mary Pat

Ritter, Wanda

Betiong, Alfonso

Bullins, Juanita

Shelton, Jamie

Merle, Jr, Rafael

Santiago, Cynthia

Morris, Nichole

Brown, Jessica Jo

Warren, Brenton

Latusick, Michael Anthony

Cole, Todd

Baxter, April

Anderson, Ronald W

Forcelli, Peter

Walker, Raeann

Rogers, Alvin

Grant, Cynthia A

Bonham, Michael Ray

Wandycz, Anne

Hopkins, Kevin M

Minzey, Stacy

Pilcher, Linda

King, Michelle

Kellenberger, William Shawn

Holley, Bonnie

Richardson, Sandra

Anderson, Stephanie

Kamins, Nechama

Uhler, Jeffrey

Bridgham, Linda L

Makela, Jaime

Ferrill, Lisa Marie

Suplee, Rachael

Tanner, Michelle

Young Jr., Richard

Jackson, Jason

Aquino, Maria

Salinas, Jose (Joe)

Adair, Devin

Keene, Tyler

Nair, Shibu

Perez, Maximilian

Toussaint, Jean Marc

Smith, Robert

Varnes, Robin

Shaar, Diane

Bynog, Stacy

Albreski III, Richard Phillip

Maddux, Julia

Rutledge, Melissa

Oglesby, Whitney

Bedynek, Michael

McKeever, Kailah

Widmer, Donna

Taylor, Ronald

Lewis, Aeronita

Vadisirisak, Sisomphone

Flynn, Kelly

Monson, Judith

Giattina, Christopher

Atwood, Cassandra

Brown, Torey

Lee, Karen

Gallagher, Chad

Fletcher, Linda

Ogzewalla, Lynn

Cram, Timothy

Cross, Holly

Parkin, Eric

Wagner, Wendy

Saylor, Pamela Kaye

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Independence University – 1st Quarter 2012 – Academic Lists for Four-Week Students by

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  • guest

    what is the criteria for these lists?  Do you have to be enrolled for longer that one academic term?

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