Independence University – 1st Quarter 2012 – Academic Lists for Eight-Week Students

Independence University is proud of their students who work hard and put in effort to excel academically. To recognize that, Independence University acknowledges the academic achievements of their students by presenting them with quarterly awards. A list of the recipients of these awards are posted so the entire student body and faculty can recognize their achievements.

There are three quarterly awards: The Honor Roll, the Dean’s List, and the President’s List. We would like to Stevens-Henager College 3rd Quarter 2011 Honor Roll recognize the eight-week students who have worked hard and commend them for their efforts.

Please check the lists below and help us celebrate the success of our students who have made the Academic Lists for the 1st quarter of 2012!


Independence University

Academic Lists for Eight-Week Students – 1st Quarter 2012

Honor Roll

Dean’s List

President’s List

Laramore, Lauren

Morgan, Megan

Cummings-DeCarlo, Lauren

Luthe, Zachary

Fairhead, Janice

Curtis, Lon

Depriest, Laurie

Ali, Rizwan

Cutshaw, Robert

Hooks, Chendel Joseph

Freitag, Vanessa

Goveia, Chad S

Silverberg, Connie

Gilliam, Carolyn

Grado, Pat

Testa, Eric

Gorsuch, Dianna

Grant, Edward

Tsosie, Marjorie

Koch, Lisa

Jury, Kate

Vickers, Brandi L

Mazone, Carol

Keltner, Emily

Pennebaker, Kim

Morrison, Shane

Marrs, Brett

Gaddy, Constance

Silvestre, Laarni

Meschke, Shane

Sanders, Tom

Welsh, Tia

Nelson, Nisha

Crook, Katherine

Williams, James Robert

Rozanski, Anthony

Cook, Christopher

Belford, Mandy

Spray, Teresa G.

Farlow, Sheri

Bishop, Charles

Stewart, Oral O.

Bell, Leslie Chalaine

Taylor, Leslie

Tenaglia, Christine

Ezell, Karen

Dankwa, Janet Adu

Williams, Eric

Gibbs, Chad

Cherian, George

Hallett, Tom

Langston, Richard

Mears, Joe

Medeiros, Mary

Velasco, Nancy

Nellicken, Boby

Barker, Patrick

Bicknell, Wendy

Jackson, Suzanne

Jagdeo, Kevion

Jaksha, Anna

Robinson-Rush, Lauri

Sutton, Frank

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Independence University – 1st Quarter 2012 – Academic Lists for Eight-Week Students by

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