ASSOCIATE'S DEGREES FROM Independence University


Want to fast-track your career preparation? Getting an Associate’s degree could be your best option. With an Associate’s degree, you could seek more job opportunities and potentially earn higher pay than you could with just a high-school diploma.

At Independence University, you could finish your online or on-campus Associate’s degree at our accredited university in as few as 19 months! Not only could your Associate’s degree help you start a professional career, but it’s a stepping-stone to possible future career advancement with a Bachelor’s degree and maybe even a Master’s degree.

To learn more, select from the Associate’s degrees listed below.


Medical Assisting (AOS)
With a good foundation in several medical areas, your Medical Assisting degree can prepare you for a Medical Assistant career. Use your degree to open the door to a better career.
Nursing Education (RN) (AD)
The world is in need of good nurses. With our Nursing Education degree, you could be ready to begin your career as an RN.
Surgical Technologist (AOS)
With your Surgical Technologist degree, you could be ready to assist surgeons during operations and work in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, and specialty surgical centers.