Holiday Gifts for Online College Students.

Decisions, decisions ... trying to find the perfect holiday gift for an online college student can be daunting. Will it be a much-welcomed gift that is instantly put to good use or will it end up in the back of the closet? Worry no more! Here are some great gift ideas to consider for students who are typically short on time and even shorter on money:

December 6, 2019

Woman at the library

When to Stop Studying

The path to success for a student seems to begin with and revolve around studying. Many students are under the false impression that they should spend most of their time studying. While studying is important, it shouldn’t rule your life. So when can students take a break without feeling guilty? Learn more now.

December 2, 2019

Medical Assisting Signs

Signs You Should Pursue a Medical Assisting Degree

When you imagine your dream career, it probably includes stability and longevity combined with elements like fun and fulfillment. Medical assistants are vital to almost every healthcare organization. They are required to be trained and may get certified, but don’t need a graduate degree or a decade of experience, which makes it the perfect job for friendly, motivated individuals who don’t want to wait a long time to get started working in healthcare.

November 29, 2019

Do I need a graduate degree

Do I need a graduate degree? |

As you near your undergrad graduation, you may hear talk of applying for grad programs and getting a graduate degree. Some of your peers may ask you what your plans are: Are you going to go to grad school? What programs are you applying for? How long is your grad program? Before you decide, here are some important things to consider why you should or shouldn’t pursue a graduate or Master’s degree.

November 22, 2019


Secrets to hosting Thanksgiving dinner without breaking the bank

Is your home the designated gathering place for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities? Here are some budget-friendly tips to help keep money in your pocket while still delivering on a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

November 14, 2019


Online College 101

Want some tips for going back to school? An online degree program might be just what you need to succeed. To envision what it could be like, read the following simulated course description for Online College 101.

November 8, 2019