4 Pinterest Boards Every Graphic Design Student Should Follow

Updated By Staff Writer on March 17, 2020

A true artist is never done learning or honing his or her craft. The good news is, with the wealth of information that’s available on the internet today, getting a few tips and some helpful advice is as easy as surfing the right Pinterest boards. Here are four Pinterest boards that graphic design graduates will find useful and graduates-to-be will find essential.

From up North

From up North started out as a blog run by Swedish graphic designer Daniel Nelson, but it quickly outgrew its britches. Now standing on its own as a magazine, From up North crawls the web, looking for the latest and greatest in visual media. Go to their profile if you’re looking for inspiration or just to get a feel for what your peers are doing in the industry. Clocking in at over 200K followers, it’s by far the most popular of the boards listed here.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq, similar to From up North, curates and collects outstanding examples of visual excellence. What’s more, they also produce advice and how-to articles, offering the kind of DIY training that benefits everyone who wants to learn something new in graphic design (among other areas of expertise). Their profile is extensive, so there’s enough to inspire you through any creative block.


Behance, which is owned by Adobe, focuses on “self-promotion”—in other words, it’s a place to get yourself noticed as a graphic designer. It’s kind of like Facebook but specifically for those of us with a penchant for visual creativity. So, it’s a good way to get noticed, and it’s also a great way to connect with others in the field. Take a look at their Pinterest boards.

HOW Design

HOW Design is another great resource for graphic designers. Beginning as a magazine, the company has added things like competitions and online courses to its repertoire. Whether you’re trying to make it on your own or you’re planning on more formal employment, HOW can help you keep your skills sharp and your career on track. Check out their Pinterest boards. Earning a living as a graphic designer isn't just possible, it’s actually within reach. With resources like these and with the right training and education, you can make your dream job a reality. Don’t be afraid to start putting your creativity to work! Looking for even more design inspiration? Check out the Top 5 Design Firms in North America. While you're at it, stop by Independence University's profile on Pinterest!

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