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4 Skills That Employers Look For

Posted By Staff Writer on December 4, 2012

One benefit of college is the opportunity to focus our learning on our career choice with specific courses, labs, internships and externships. However, there are a lot of students who realize, once they get into the business world, additional skills beyond our course curriculum to help your career. Luckily, these are skills you can master while you’re still in school, and they could make you more valuable to a future employer. Below are 5 additional skills that employers look for in possible employees that you should work on now.

1. Communication Skills

Communication skills, include verbal, listening, writing and everything in-between. These skills are highly sought out by employers because good communication with co-workers as well as with clients, customers, or patients is essential. Most jobs now days require good communication skills.

2. Researching and analytical skills

It is important to understand how to properly research and analyze material, tactics, and strategies that could help your company’s growth. Even if it’s as simple as knowing how to research a printer fix or new formulas in Excel, knowing how to find the right information at the right time can really help you stand out.

3. Computer and tech Skills

Today’s generation is more tech savvy than ever before. While most companies will require a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, it is a good practice to learn about HTML and computer security. Obtaining these additional tech skills can make a difference in a potential employer’s mind.

4. Multi-tasking

Employees today are expected to do more with the time they are given. Learning to prioritize and effectively multi-task is a skill that not only can help you work better but help you make an impression with a future employer. The job market is leaner than it used to be. Getting a degree is a great step in the right direction, but being able to obtain extra skills beyond your course outline will not only help you feel more confident in your job search but could also help you make that strong impression with employers.

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