5 Little-Known Factors that Could Affect Your Study Habits

Posted By Staff Writer on October 22, 2012

The best way, as you can imagine, is to develop strong, disciplined study habits that help keep you on top of your assignments, let you finish and understand the reading, write brilliant papers and ace your tests. It’s your study habits that will get you through your business administration program, and not your charm. But sometimes, no matter how much you’ve worked to create a study habit and stay focused, other factors creep in. Sometimes they’re not even something you can control—but when you’re aware of the things that can slip you up while you’re charging ahead through your nursing administration degree, you’re much more likely to succeed.

1. Weather. Seriously. You can’t control the weather—but you can stay aware of how it affects you, both positively and negatively. A sunshiny day is going to put you in a positive mood, but it could also be contributing to your urge to procrastinate and go play. On a gloomy, rainy day, time can sometimes feel like it’s slipping away—and with it, your study hours.  And it’s not just emotional: bad weather, bad roads, and delayed buses can screw up your whole schedule. All of these factors are things to make notes of and plan for when it comes to arranging your day, and your study time.

2. Your social life. It’s important to have good people in your life to help keep you balanced, because you can’t dedicate your entire emotional well-being to your medical specialties training. But it’s also too easy to let the balance slip. Try to strike a sane, healthy equilibrium between being a social butterfly and being a shut-in. It’ll help keep you focused and emotionally stable, and both things are vital to your success as a student.

3. Your health. Sometimes it feels like the only way to squeeze in all the time you need in a day is to chug coffee and spend all your extra cash on sugar-stuffed energy drinks and candy. But while that’s good for short-term energy, over the long term the sugar rush, sugar crash cycle affects your overall health, concentration, and energy reserves—which means your studies suffer. Take care of yourself, get sleep, eat right, take vitamins, and stay well. Your mind is only as strong as your body.

4. Your interest in the topic. This is a larger-picture factor, but it’s one of the most vital. Your focus, your enthusiasm, your interest in studying is almost all directly related to your interest in the topic being presented. That’s why it’s so important to choose to choose a degree program that suits your interests, your passions, and your strengths. Otherwise the drive to learn is going to be lacking—and you’ll notice it everywhere from your daily enthusiasm to your final grades.

5. Your ultimate goal. Do you know what you want to do with your degree? Do you know who you want to be, and how you want to get there? If you don’t, of course, that’s going to affect how you study, how much you study, and how well you study. Take a few minutes to sit down and consider why you’re going to college, what you want, and why your degree is important. Your goals are the backbone of your daily efforts.

Author Bio Sara Nelson is the Social Media Guru for Independence University, overseeing the university’s profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more. She is also a student in the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program, and enjoys spending time with her family, listening to good music, and eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

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