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5 Great Resources for Mobile Applications Development Students

Updated By Staff Writer on March 29, 2021

Creating and releasing a mobile app entails so much more than just coming up with an idea, coding the app, and then submitting it to one of the various app platform stores. First, developers must test the app to make sure it functions properly. Then they need to get the word out about their app through marketing, all while utilizing mobile app development tools to make updates and keep users satisfied.

Choosing a Career in Mobile App Development

Though app development requires hard work, it is a rewarding career that has an ever-increasing demand. In fact, mobile apps are predicted to generate more than $935 billion in revenue in 2023.1

Today's companies and organizations are looking to set themselves apart with custom apps that better serve their customers. If you are a student, app development is a great way to earn money on the side and build an impressive portfolio to boost your future career in app development.

Check out our guide to learn more about how to become a developer with the help of the best online tools. These mobile app development resources can help you through the app-building process, all the way from inception to user support and safeguarding the app from cyber threats.

1. Android Developers YouTube Channel

As a student, you already know that YouTube is one of the most convenient resources when it comes to finding a step-by-step guide to figuring something out. Android Developers has created an easy-to-understand YouTube channel to help beginners get started with the basics. Their videos include best practices, tutorials, and even live Q&As. Geared specifically toward Android app development, the videos have extremely useful information to get you on your way.

Some of their most-watched videos cover topics like:

  • #AndroidDevChallenge,2 highlighting the winners of an app development contest and all the tools they used to build their apps
  • What's Your MAD Score?,3 a quiz that evaluates your skills as a modern Android developer
  • Intro to Kotlin and Jetpack API,4 a tutorial offering valuable app development skills

If you are wondering where to get started on this YouTube channel, head to the Android Developers playlist page5 to watch videos in a series. Here you will find full tutorials on app bundles, motion tags, and so much more.

2. Apple Developer Program

Apple offers this free mobile app development resource6 for anyone interested in developing an app for iOS. This site is full of videos, documentation, tutorials, and starter guides beneficial to everyone in mobile app coding, from beginner to expert. For iOS, you cannot get much better than going straight to the source for everything you need to know.

The Apple Developer Program gives you access to exclusive tools to help you improve your iOS development skills. Hone your talents using beta software, app analytics, app testing tools, and more. These tools will help you quickly update your apps to suit the most recent Apple technology, allowing you to push the envelope and innovate your apps like never before.

Joining the program also gives you access to the App Store, where you can publish your app for anyone in the world to download. Apple even covers all payment processing, and hosting on the App Store is free, making it a great platform for student developers.

3. Buddy

Buddy is an app development automation platform that streamlines the process of building effective and efficient apps. The software allows you to build, test, and deploy your apps quickly, while giving you access to the latest tools to improve your app development skills.

If you are a student who is short on time, Buddy can help you maximize every spare moment you have to build better apps. And the best part? Buddy is free7 for freelance app developers, making it the perfect solution for students on a budget.

Buddy users report impressive statistics, like five times lower failure rates after app deployment, more time to spend building new features, and less time putting out fires. The free version allows you to build 5 projects, 120 pipeline runs, and gives 512 MB cache storage per month. You also get real-time progress logs and other monitoring tools, among many other helpful features.

4. Mobile App Daily Blog

Every mobile app developer should strive to stay up to date on the latest trends, and Mobile App Daily8 is a great resource to help you do just that. The blog covers both Android and iOS apps, making it a well-rounded destination for all things related to cutting-edge app development.

Learn about app insights and reporting, and get inspiration on how to build more efficient, modern apps. Read reports on the top app development companies and read interviews with the world's best developers. You can even expand your knowledge base by reading up on a range of topics, like blockchain and app store optimization.

The Mobile App Daily blog also offers honest app reviews, allowing you to learn from the mistakes and smart moves of some of today's savviest mobile app development experts. When it comes to app development news and trends, there is nothing you cannot find on the Mobile App Daily blog.

5. AWS Device Farm

It is important to test your app on a variety of different platforms and devices to ensure it works properly, in all user environments. Unfortunately, as a student, it is not always possible to have access to each one of these simultaneously—which is why you can benefit from the help of AWS Device Farm.9

This app-testing service offers access to a variety of devices remotely. The technology allows developers like you to debug and make changes to an app as needed, so you can be sure it performs properly and without issue.

Need more reasons to try AWS Device farm? The app development tool allows you to use the same devices as your users, reproduce issues, and simulate realistic situations so you can make your app better than ever.

Kickstart Your Mobile App Development Career Today

While these are only some of the resources available, there are still many more10 that can be beneficial in helping you create, test, manage, and update your app. Are you ready to learn all the real-world skills necessary to take your mobile app development career to the next level? Earn a Bachelor's degree in Software and Mobile Applications Development from Independence University to launch your path to success. Contact us today to learn more and request information about our degree programs.