5 Ways to Feel Motivated to Study During the Holidays

5 Ways to Feel Motivated to Study During the Holidays

Posted By Patrick Oney on December 13, 2018

When you think of the holidays, the last thing on your mind is schoolwork. With family time, gifts, winter activities, and good food, it makes sense why one would become distracted from the grind of studies and homework. For those in college who are looking to sneak schoolwork into their holiday plans, we have the perfect study tips that will leave you prepared by the time classes start back up again in the next year.

1.  Make Plans Ahead of Time

  Procrastination—you may have heard of the word. You’ve probably practiced the concept a time or two in school. During the holidays, students can become experts at procrastinating their school studies. To overcome the woes of procrastination, make specific plans for your studies. Planning ahead is one of the best things a student can practice before being slammed with holiday vacations, parties, and late-night shopping. Studies have shown that students are putting in at least 17 hours a week on their coursework preparations.

2.  Create Goals

  If you can’t get all of your studying done, make a goal. We know that the holidays limit your available time, which is why creating a goal can help you feel accomplished, even if it all doesn’t get done. For example, if you have three chapters of one textbook that need to be read, but five for another, set a goal to learn a specified amount of each text per class. You wouldn’t want to study entirely for one class and be unprepared for the others.

3.  Get Up Early

  If you’re returning to college, or it’s been a while since you were in a college setting, you may already appreciate the concept of getting things done early. During the holidays, there probably aren’t going to be many activities that require attendance in the small hours of the morning. Think about getting up early in the morning to bust out your studies. According to research, having a good night’s rest can improve your overall concentration, memory, and ability to solve complex problems. Getting studies done in the morning can leave time for family and friends. A helpful tip: We know that it’s hard to get out of bed during the holidays. Ask a family member or friend to motivate you to get your studying done in a place that isn’t as comfortable as your bed.

4.  Accommodate Your Study Needs

  Many students travel during the holidays, which often requires some innovation in how you can study course materials. Before holiday festivities, review what work will be needed by the time you return to school. Ask yourself:

  • Do I need my textbooks?
  • Will I need access to my computer?
  • What materials should I consider taking with me?

  After you answer these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of what is essential to your school studies during the holidays. If traveling by plane or car, online study materials will become your best friend. Consider looking into online study aids, whether it’s audio lectures from class or online study cards and class notes. If a textbook is required, consider making scans of the chapters you will need to review over the holidays versus carrying around several pounds of text.

5.  Reward Yourself

  Studying over the holidays may seem like a mundane thing to do, but it’s an accomplishment that deserves not only recognition but personal reward. After the holidays are over and you’ve met your study goals, give yourself the greatest gift by rewarding yourself for all of that hard work. Positive reinforcement can go a long way, so for each study goal you achieve, reward yourself. That reward goal will give you the motivation to get things done and leave you a happier person for completing it. But don’t let that motivation and reward stop after the holidays. If it proves to work for you during the holidays, what’s to say it couldn’t work for you when you’re back in school?

The Next Step

  Get out of the holiday funk with study tips that will guarantee you a positive learning experience by the time classes start back up again. Stressing about the schoolwork that was never done isn’t something you should have to worry about when the next semester begins. We hope this information helps keep you on track during the busy holiday season. If you are thinking of making a change, and would like to know more about our degree programs at Independence University, request information today.