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6 Reasons CCNE Accreditation Matters

Updated By Shelby on March 27, 2020

Is there anything as frustrating as working hard at something, just to find out all the work you put in is worthless? This is exactly what it’s like to attend an unaccredited university. After years of dedication and sacrifice, you want your commitment to be worth something, don’t you? Here are six reasons why it’s so important to choose a nursing program accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

1. Attending a Non-Accredited Program Can Hold You Back

Even if it means postponing your dreams for a few more years, it’s worth it to attend a CCNE accredited university. While your focus right now may be merely on earning your RN, are you absolutely certain you won’t want to go back to school and further your education in your field sometime in the future? Earning your nursing degree from a non-accredited program means you’re very unlikely to find an accredited program that will honor that degree, putting you at a disadvantage if you ever do decide to further pursue nursing.

2. It’s a Guarantee the Program Meets Quality Standards

Attending an accredited program means that you are essentially learning the exact same things as every other nurse in an accredited program across the country. These institutions are held to particularly high standards to be sure every graduating nurse knows what he or she needs to be successful starting out in the field.

3. You Can Be Confident You Have the Skills You Need

In an unaccredited program, you can never really be certain the faculty has taught you everything you’ll need to know in order to handle real-life situations in the nursing field. At an accredited university, you can be confident in your skills.

4. You’ll Be More Appealing to Future Employers

Employers take into account whether or not the nursing program you attended was accredited, and will factor that information into their decision when determining whether or not you’d be a good fit for their business. If all other factors are the same, with accreditation being the main difference, would you hire the applicant who attended the accredited program, or the one who did not?

5. You Know the School Is Constantly Bettering Itself

The world of nursing is constantly changing and improving, and as such, you want to be sure you’re attending a nursing program that allows you to gain those new skills and remain competitive in the market. At an accredited university, you can be certain the program is constantly changing and adapting to ensure you’re learning the newest techniques, treatment, and appropriate technology to prepare you for a future position in nursing.

6. A University Must Be Accredited to Be Eligible for Use of Federal Loans and Grants

There’s no getting around it—pursuing a license or college education is expensive. Since very few people have access to the means to pay outright for their education in addition to living expenses, it’s important to find a program where you’ll have the most opportunities to receive financial aid, including federal loans and grants. Access to federal financial aid is only possible when you’re attending an accredited university or program.

Take Steps Toward Your Future

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