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6 Strategies to Break Through Your Upper Limit

Updated By Staff Writer on May 20, 2020

If you find yourself unable to accept positive energy because you feel it is more than you are allowed, you are facing an “Upper Limit Problem.” This term was coined by Gay Hendricks, the author of The Big Leap, to describe the human tendency to put a cap on our own positive energy due to some imaginary limit we have set for ourselves. It’s possible to overcome those boundaries with these six helpful strategies.

1. Accept Your Gift

Accept Your Gift

Be completely honest with yourself and accept that you possess a unique gift that only you can share with the world. You are important and you have amazing potential just waiting to be explored. The first step to conquering your upper limit problem is recognizing your personal gift so that you can take action toward achieving your goal.

2. Stop Self-Sabotage

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Examples of self-sabotage include overthinking, avoiding, procrastination, and self-medicating with substances like alcohol or drugs. Fight the urge to run, hide, or stir something up the moment things are going well by being self-aware. Know your comfort limits and your tendencies of self-sabotage so that you’re able to battle off those feelings before they start causing issues.

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3. Increase Your Confidence


Inside is a bigger, bolder, and wiser you just bubbling with great ideas. Start living that version of yourself now and begin to feel an increase in self-confidence almost immediately by focusing on what you are really gifted at. The more you truly live the life you’re passionate about, the bigger leaps you will begin to take. This will help break down that upper limit problem.

4. Expand Your Comfort Zone

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Upper limit problems stem from reaching a point outside of your comfort zone which causes you to shut down or back off too quickly. Start slowly expanding your comfort zone by taking on bigger challenges and trying new things; remember to take small steps. As you grow your comfort zone, you’ll realize that you actually don’t have an upper limit to what you can achieve.

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5. Foster Vital Relationships

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When dealing with upper limit problems, your personal relationships can suffer because you’ve reached your tolerance for how much love you can feel. Contribute to your vital relationships by increasing your effort, setting realistic expectations, and constructively working through conflict together.

6. Give Yourself Permission to Relax

Relaxation On The Hammock

When you feel you’ve reached a limit and before you self-sabotage, take the time to just relax. Release yourself from guilt and indulge in self-healing through non-productive frivolous things for just one day. Watch some Netflix or do a craft; just release your mind from the stress and return to your full state of awesomeness well-rested and unafraid to bust through that limit. Going back to college may definitely be pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, but don’t sabotage yourself by preventing yourself from enrolling. Embrace your gifts and start taking action to realize your true potential beyond that upper limit.