6 Ways Going Back to School Online Can Change Your Life Forever

Posted By Patrick Oney on March 8, 2019

It can be frustrating, wanting to advance in your current career or make a career change, but not having the appropriate education to do so. How do you fit college courses into a life already packed with family and work? Online schools like Independence University are a solid and successful answer! As long as you have access to the internet, you can do coursework from anywhere. While the ways your life will improve by getting your degree online are hard to number, we’ve listed six extra-exciting facts that will help you to get where you want to go.

1. Larger Course Selection

Through online schooling or distance learning, you have the whole world at your fingertips. Since many courses are asynchronous—not meeting at the same time and place—and more courses are being offered through recorded lectures followed with online study, Independence University eliminates the stress of scheduling classes. No more worries, the Registrar’s office will take care of all the class scheduling from the first class to your last.

2. Easier and Faster Communication

Not everyone is comfortable speaking up in the classroom setting, and anyone who has gone through a conventional course knows that oftentimes it can be nearly impossible to speak with a instructor outside of the classroom. Online school offers discussion boards that both students and instructors can access, and they are available by email and text, usually providing an immediate answer.

“What I like about Independence University? They have the tutoring center for help, and all sorts of resources, and your professors are willing to help, everybody wants to see you succeed.”

Robert Burns, IU Graduate
Graphic Arts (AAS)

3. Easier Sharing of Information

Through the miracle of the internet and programs like Google Docs, students can quickly share notes or work on reports and projects together without the Herculean effort of setting up a meeting time that works for all. This also allows students to share their work with others for the sake of proofing and getting feedback.

4. Safer and Less Expensive

You can complete your online courses from the comfort and safety of your own home. No more driving through horrible rain or on slick snow-covered roads because you can’t miss a class. The course fees themselves may be about the same, but you can save money on travel expenses like fuel and auto maintenance, and it is better for the environment, too!

5. Online Resources and Scoring

Practice exams are often made available through online school, and the advantage of immediate scoring of assignments, quizzes, and tests relieves the anxiety of waiting for a grade to be returned.

6. Flexibility

We have saved the best for last! The flexibility of completing your degree online is undoubtedly the greatest advantage. Here are a couple of case studies to illustrate that point:

“The flexibility was extremely important for me because I have five kids and a job that I work 50 hours plus a week and I don’t really have time to just give at specific times of the day. I had to work on my own time and Independence allowed me to do that.”

Mike Kasuboski, IU Graduate
Software and Mobile Applications Development (BS)


“You can just go at your own pace, but it’s structured in such a way and the teachers are helpful that you can still do everything on time. It’s not overwhelming.”

Dustin Groves, IU Graduate
Business Administration (MBA)


There is no better or easier time to earn your degree than by enrolling in online school. Earn your Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s, or Master’s. For more information about degrees and coursework available, contact Independence University today.