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7 Benefits of Doing Respiratory Therapist Schooling Online

Updated By Clint Hunter on June 1, 2020

Having room to breathe is one of our great needs in life. When things get constricted, we don’t tend to feel our best. Now imagine when that constriction happens inside a person’s lungs. People of all ages can be afflicted with a range of breathing issues that make life difficult, even dangerous. Now imaging easing the constriction you might feel in your professional life while helping other people breathe easier. It might sound like a stretch, but the answer is as clear as you want your lungs to be. A career as a respiratory therapist is a great way to join the growing healthcare industry and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Chronic conditions, pediatric ailments, sleep issues. All these can have a drastic impact on quality of life. We tend to take for granted our ability to breathe. But when something so elemental in our lives is jeopardized, we quickly realize how much we appreciate it. As a respiratory therapist, you can help make a tremendous difference in people’s lives. You might be interested in a career in respiratory therapy but don’t know how it could fit with the demands made on you by work and family. You can ease this time constriction by earning your degree online. To take the point even further, here are five reasons earning an online degree in respiratory therapy is a good idea.

1. Help others breathe more easily

There is nothing quite like a rewarding career that makes a positive difference in the world. By dedicating your work and study to making other people’s lives better, you get that added bonus on top of a great career.

2. Help address common conditions

From helping kids with asthma to working with elderly people with lung diseases, a respiratory therapist is on the front lines treating conditions that significantly affect people’s quality of life. Demand for respiratory therapists is expected to grow to help meet the growing demand for respiratory care.

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3. Help people sleep better

In addition to helping people with asthma, emphysema, and other lung conditions, you can help them and others sleep better by providing therapy that improves breathing when sleeping. This is another vital benefit to respiratory therapy.

4. Join the vital healthcare industry

Chronic conditions of all kinds take a huge toll on society. The healthcare industry needs all the great qualified people it can get to help meet the growing demand for quality care. It is a great, secure career track that makes a difference.

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5. Study wherever you are

By pursuing your degree in respiratory therapy online, you get the freedom you need to work around your busy schedule. You can work from home or anywhere else without having to commute to a physical campus.

Join a degree-focused program

Online degree programs tend to focus on getting your degree. This is great for people who know what they want to do and who want to get it done. Online degree programs in fields like respiratory therapy are designed to give students the skills they need to gain certification and to hit the ground running in their chosen field.

With the added bonus of learning from instructors experienced in the field, an online degree program is a great option. A great place to look for a degree program in respiratory therapy is Independence University. With flexible online courses and programs focused on getting your degree, it is a great option. The field of respiratory therapy is expected to grow faster than average over the next several years. This is good news for anyone interested in this important field. Talk to a career counselor or admissions officer about the possibilities that lay in store for you on this exciting career path.