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7 College Student Discounts for Shopping, Travel, and Tuition!

Updated By Clint Hunter on March 27, 2020

Between tuition, textbooks, and an often paired-down work schedule, this phase of life is one of tightening the belt and battening down the hatches. In other words . . . you’re living the life of a broke college student. Fortunately, many retailers and service providers are aware of the lean student budget and want to help out by offering significant discounts to those formally enrolled in school. Here is a big list of incredible discounts, tuition reimbursement opportunities, and a few extra tips. Use them keep your bank account balance intact!  

1- Clothing and Shopping

  You can still go to school looking good when you access your student discounts for a new outfit. Clothing and Shoes:

  Other Shopping:

2- Entertainment

  In between study sessions, it’s nice to have some down time in order to decompress a little. Movie Theatres:

  • AMC ($1-$2 discount on Thursdays)
  • Cinemark (Discount varies by location)
  • Regal (Availability varies by location)

  Movie and Music Streaming Services:

  Performing Arts:

  • Many local performing arts centers offer discount tickets. For example, Denver offers student nights for their theatre company. Check your city and you may be surprised how many concerts and plays are offered at a discount to students.

  Professional Sports:

3- Travel and Transportation

  Whether you’re traveling back home to see your family or heading somewhere new for Spring Break, these travel and transportation discounts will help you afford it. Activities:

  • San Diego Zoo (10% discount for students age 12 and up)
  • Bronx Zoo (Free for local college students.)
  • Ski Colorado (10-40% off activities and lodging)
  • Various zoos and museums offer student discounts of 10% off and sometimes even for free! Check online or give your zoo or museum of choice a call to find out.)

  Car Rental:

  • Avis (Up to 25% off)
  • Budget (Up to 20% off)
  • Hertz (15-20% off)
  • Penske (10% off a moving truck rental)
  • Zipcar (Cars located right on campus.)

  Bus and Train:

  • Greyhound (10% off)
  • Eurail (Save 20% all train travel in Europe.)
  • Most cities offer student passes for local public transportation.

  New Car Purchase:

4- Banking and Insurance

  Banking and insurance can be expensive, but less so with student discounts.   Banking:

  • Bank of America (Get your monthly maintenance fee waived.)
  • Chase (Get $50 when you open a Chase College Checking account.)
  • US Bank (No monthly maintenance fee.)
  • Many banks offer student credit cards with lower interest rates.


5- Personal Services

  Try one of these personal services and save.

6- Computer Hardware and Software

  Whether you need a new laptop or tablet or the software that runs on them, check out these significant discounts available only to students. Computer Hardware:


7- Wireless Phone Services

  Save on your wireless phone service when you utilize your university’s special student rate access code. Wireless Phone Services:

  • AT&T (Login with your school email address to check for discounts.)
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile (Save $100 on smartphones and tablets.)
  • Verizon

Employers That Pay for Your College

  Saving 10% on shoes is great, but if you really want to get the most bank for your student buck, tuition reimbursement programs are the way to go. There are many companies who will help you pay for college, some are even applicable for part-time employees and their children! This isn’t an exclusive list so be sure to ask your employer if they offer any educational reimbursement or scholarship opportunities:

  • AT&T
  • Bank of America (Up to $5,250 per year)
  • Best Buy (You are still eligible for up to $5,250 of tuition reimbursement even if you are on a Leave of Absence.)
  • Chevron (Pays up to 75% of college costs)
  • Chipotle (Save up to 99% on college costs and earn up to 44 credit hours through on-the-job training.)
  • Home Depot (Varies from $1,500-$5,000 per year)
  • Intel ($50,000 tuition reimbursement and scholarships for employees’ children)
  • Publix ($1,700-$3,400 per calendar year.)
  • Starbucks (If you are also a military member or veteran, the same benefit applies to your children.)
  • UPS (Earn $5,250 of assistance per calendar year. Eligibility begins the day you’re hired and benefits are prorated if you are hired mid-semester.)
  • Verizon (They provided $94.1 million in tuition assistance in 2015 alone.)
  • Wells Fargo (Receive up to $5,000 annually and your children can earn up to $3,000.)

Extra Tips

  Here are a few extra tips you should definitely be aware of as a college student trying to save some serious cash.

  • There are plenty of “student discount cards” out there that promise to give you access to exclusive discounts...after you purchase a card. Before you buy, keep in mind that none of the above discounts require you to purchase a student card. Do your research and make sure the card you want to purchase includes enough additional discount offers to make the purchase price worth it.
  • Just because a specific company isn’t listed here does not mean they don’t offer a student discount or tuition reimbursement. Literally thousands of companies do, so don’t be afraid to ask!

  If you're an enrolled college student, you're in luck when you take advantage of these incredible discounts and free educational opportunities!