7 Reasons to Get an Online Graphic Design Degree

Updated By Staff Writer on December 9, 2020

When it comes to a career in graphic arts, learning the concepts and tools of the trade are essential. It takes more than just an artistic eye and a graphic design degree to really impress potential employers and clients. First, you’ll need to build a solid foundation by learning graphic design terms and best practices.

If you’re drawn to visual arts, graphic design is a versatile and growing field that might just be the ideal career path. So should you go to school for graphic design? And is a degree in graphic design worth it?

Check out these seven reasons why you might want to study graphic design.

1. Learn from Professionals

In a field that changes rapidly, it’s essential to learn the most-needed skills in the current job market. Fortunately, many online graphic design courses are taught by professionals who spend their time working in the field. Guidance from working professionals will help you develop the most marketable skills. You’ll benefit from their up-to-date knowledge about design and tools and have a mentor available to answer any questions you might have about the realities of working in graphic design today.

2. Set Your Own Pace

Timing is everything—especially when it comes to learning graphic arts. If you’re worried about balancing work, family, and other commitments while you earn your graphic design degree, set your fears aside. Online classes give you much more flexibility with your schedule than traditional brick-and-mortar colleges. This will allow you to balance studying with your other activities and set you up for success in your future career.

3. More Program Options

Online learning often gives you access to a wider range of program options than if you were to attend class in person. For example, if you’re applying to a brick-and-mortar college near you, you’ll be limited by what’s available within a short driving distance.

But when it comes to getting an online degree, it’s no problem to live far away from any school that offers a graphic design program. With online education, you can find degree programs that are more specific to what you want to learn about and are better suited to your schedule.

4. More Free Time

The best news about getting your graphic arts degree online? There’s no commute! While you otherwise might spend hours driving to and from your classes during rush hour, online classes can be completed from the comfort of your bedroom. And being able to complete your classes at home means you’ll have that much more time to devote to your schoolwork and other commitments. It also cuts down on the money you might spend on gas or public transit.

5. Develop Your Self-Discipline

Working online with a flexible schedule will give you practice in self-discipline. For graphic arts and design, this can help you later when you’re managing work for clients. Many graphic designers take on freelance projects, where self-discipline and time management skills are critical. You’ll be grateful you learned these skills early on in your education, rather than stumbling through a project when your clients are there to see your poor time management skills or lack of discipline firsthand.

6. Become More Tech-Savvy

Graphic design requires confidence using technology and navigating new software. Taking online classes can help you develop your computer skills since they rely entirely on your ability to use computers and software to complete your work. And since graphic arts is an almost entirely computer-based career path, this is a vital ability you’ll be glad you honed at the beginning of your educational journey.

7. Build Your Portfolio

The most important tool for landing a job in graphic design is having an impressive portfolio to catch the eye of potential employers. Luckily, you’ll spend much of your time building your portfolio as you work toward your online graphic design degree. Instead of taking multiple-choice exams and memorizing terms, your graphic arts schoolwork will be based on real-world assignments like completing a brief for a client. When you finish your online degree, you’ll come away with an extensive portfolio that showcases all the skills you’ve learned in your schooling.

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