Creating a Future Picture to Best Reach Your Goals

A common question that we, as well as organizations, repeatedly ask is: “How Can I Reach My Goals?” Learn how a strong process, including creating a future picture, can help you succeed in all of your endeavors.

March 26, 2020

going back to school can improve life

5 Ways Going Back to School This Year Can Improve Your Life

2020 has just gotten started, so now is a perfect time to do something that will improve your life and change your future. While losing weight and staying on top of your email inbox may be goals that you’re eternally trying to conquer, we think going back to school should be your first priority as you evaluate how to make this year matter.

March 31, 2020

Medical Assisting Jobs

What Jobs Can I Get with a Medical Assisting Degree?

Medical assistants are an integral part of any healthcare practice, whether in a hospital, clinic, or assisted living center. The information a medical assistant gathers from patients enables doctors to make sound decisions that directly affect everyone who comes through the doors. With that comes as a medical assistant, it may just be the promising career path that you want to follow.

March 31, 2020


Ho Ho Help!

You know what’s terrible about winter break? No, not soggy mittens, or holiday shopping, or Aunt Myrna’s fruitcake. What’s really terrible is … January! We at Independence University know just how you feel. We’ve gone through the post-holiday blues, too. Fortunately, we’ve picked up a few (scientifically backed!) tricks along the way that can help you make 2020 a strong and productive year.

March 30, 2020


Holiday Gifts for Online College Students.

Decisions, decisions ... trying to find the perfect holiday gift for an online college student can be daunting. Will it be a much-welcomed gift that is instantly put to good use or will it end up in the back of the closet? Worry no more! Here are some great gift ideas to consider for students who are typically short on time and even shorter on money:

June 2, 2020

Woman at the library

When to Stop Studying

The path to success for a student seems to begin with and revolve around studying. Many students are under the false impression that they should spend most of their time studying. While studying is important, it shouldn’t rule your life. So when can students take a break without feeling guilty? Learn more now.

March 31, 2020