Benefits of Independence University

The Benefits of Attending Independence University

Updated By Staff Writer on June 25, 2020

A high school diploma in today’s world just doesn’t mean what it used to. Lower level degrees, including Associate’s degrees, just don’t have the same significance that they used to. More and more people are pursuing advanced degrees.

So if the bar has been set at a Bachelor’s degree level, maybe it’s time to start looking into finally getting that four-year degree, or even consider an advanced degree like an MBA, or a Master’s degree in Nursing or Information Systems. Bottom line: going to college is worth it; here are a few reasons why:

Higher Salary

This is almost always the most important factor in continuing your education. According to a report by Douglas Webber, PhD, an Associate Professor of Economics at Temple University, typical college graduates earn roughly $900,000 more over their lifetime than the typical high school graduate.1

Unfortunately, money does make the world go round. But, fortunately, with a higher education, working can mean more than just paying the bills. It can result in earning a higher salary at a better-paying job.

Long Term Family Benefits

We’ve already covered how your pay check could benefit from earning a degree. Along with improved pay is the potential for additional benefits, such as better retirement options, or improved health through a company healthcare plan.

In addition to the direct benefits, the influence you can have on your children is an added plus. Studies show that children of college grads are much more likely to also obtain a college degree,2 which means that your choice may be a positive influence for your children or even grandchildren to do likewise.

Satisfaction and Security in Your Job

Having a degree can make you more valuable to your future employer. The reality is that an advanced education and the accompanying skills that graduates obtain as part of their education have become vitally important to many companies. This means that your position could be more secure than it would otherwise be without the skills you picked up while attending. This way, if an economic downturn should occur, you’ll be less likely to be among those who find themselves searching for another role.

Most of us spend more than half of our waking hours at work, so it’s important that you get enjoyment and fulfillment in what you do. Having a degree in a career field that piques your interest makes it much more likely that you’ll enjoy your role now, and in the future as you advance in your career.

Career Opportunities Going Forward

Putting in the time and effort to further your education, especially if you’re coming back to college later in life, demonstrates dedication, commitment, and an understanding of the value of continued learning. These are all qualities that businesses crave.

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Oftentimes a college degree is required to get your foot in the door of a particular company, which, in turn, could provide you opportunities to continue building your skills and expertise and eventually allow you to progress to roles of greater responsibility. A college education is essentially the foundation for a career ladder that will allow you to maneuver yourself to take advantage of future job opportunities.


As they say, it’s all about who you know. Networking while you’re in college, including with other students, faculty, or even recruiters whom you meet at college events, can be hugely beneficial to you both as a student and in your later career. In fact, a survey recently published on LinkedIn found that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking.3

While attending Independence University, you’ll have many opportunities to network with people who could potentially give you a leg up in the future. So make sure you get involved, meet new people, volunteer, and discover all the ways you can connect with people.

Personal Development

Gaining a college education can teach you more than just the rudiments of the subject you choose to study. Attending an online college like Independence University presents an opportunity to learn how to practice good time-management skills—prioritizing properly and organizing your life responsibilities.

In a way, studying at college teaches you more about living life than any job ever could. It’s a time of growth and learning that benefits everyone who experiences it. One of the biggest lessons you’ll learn is how to overcome and power through adversity. College isn’t easy. It can entail long hours, a drain on your time and resources, and force you to practice prioritization and time-management skills. This can be very difficult, but the end results are lessons you take with you into every aspect of your life.

Attending Independence University

The bottom line is; getting an advanced degree from Independence University, could be your ticket to a more rewarding future. Request information about our online degree programs to learn even more about the benefits offered by Independence University.