Your Guide to Pursuing an Online Nursing Degree

Posted By Staff Writer on August 26, 2019

We all know how busy life has become lately, between managing a family, keeping up a residence, and chores and errands—it’s hard to find time for a job too. How do people fit jobs into their busy schedules?

Seriously, though, with all you do, how can you find the time to get ahead in your career? You’re interested in learning more and looking for new job opportunities. If you’re already a licensed RN, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) can create new career possibilities for you.

Imagine having a higher degree. What could that do for you and your family? A lot. We hope that as you read the following benefits of getting a nursing degree online, you’ll get more motivated to take the next step toward getting a BSN.

The end of this post will also explain what happens in an online nursing degree program and how to prepare to apply for one.

Benefits of Earning a Nursing Degree Online

We’ve all learned a few things online before. Maybe it’s been mostly info about how funny cats are, but that’s okay. Have you ever thought about earning a whole nursing degree online? It might seem overwhelming or impossible. Don’t classes need a classroom?

Well, accredited online degree programs are for students just like you: adults who already have busy lives. In fact, a program like this will probably fit into your life better than a traditional BSN program would.

Here are five of the great things about online nursing degree programs:

  1. You Can Fit Classes into Your Schedule

    One of the best things about an online RN to BSN program is that you can fit it into your busy schedule. Because you don’t have to drive anywhere to go to classes, it’s easy to integrate it into your life, even if life, in general, seems to be careening out of control. Make your own schedule and earn your degree at your own pace.

  2. They Make You a Better Competitor for Jobs

    You’ve probably seen that there are many nursing jobs that require at least a BSN for you to qualify for them. Have you been frustrated by seeing all the jobs you can’t apply to and having to skip them? Imagine the pride you’ll have when you can apply to them.

    Many hospitals want to have a certain number of nurses with a BSN or higher, so earning yours could open up lots of new opportunities.

  3. Programs Are Focused on Adults

    Many RN to BSN nursing degree programs are focused on adults. Their course designers and teachers are used to working with students who are already experienced, competent, and busy.

    We know what it’s like to be a working professional and not have time to waste. Your program should be focused on getting you a degree efficiently so you can start using it, stat.

  4. They Prepare You for Other Interesting Career Paths

    Getting a BSN can help you pursue different types of work in nursing. Are you more interested in leadership now that you’ve worked as a nurse for some time? Have you been frustrated by others’ poor leadership and want to do it better yourself?

    A BSN can prepare you to be a nurse supervisor, a nursing care manager, or a lead nurse, as well as being a platform for getting into specialized nursing roles.

  5. They’re Accredited Like Traditional Programs

    “You can’t believe everything you learn on the internet.” That’s for sure. But if an online course is accredited by important regional or professional agencies, like the American Association of Colleges of Nursing,* as our RN to BSN program is, it is held to high standards of quality.

    The degree you can get from an accredited online program carries the same weight as a degree from a traditional classrooms-and-sidewalks college and can give you similar opportunities.

What to Expect in an Online Nursing Degree Program

So what actually happens during an online nursing degree program? First of all, remember that the activities will be flexible enough to fit into your schedule. You’ll be watching lectures, reading materials, and completing classwork, but you can watch, study, and complete assignments whenever you get a chance.

Imagine watching lectures in bed, on a train, on Saturday night, while you’re on call, or wherever and whenever works best for you!

The latest technologies make online courses easier to manage. You’ll be able to take quizzes and tests right on your computer. And when you finish an assignment, there’ll be no need to print it out, because you’ll just send it through the internet.

You may also be able to communicate with other students through online discussion groups, which can help you learn collaboratively, and can make you feel less isolated.

Don’t worry, an online orientation session will show you how to use the resources and processes you’ll need. Plus, you’ll be able to get in touch with your teachers to ask them questions through various types of communication.

What will you actually learn? The RN to BSN nursing degree program from Independence University, for example, will teach you a variety of important nursing topics, including:

  • Disease prevention
  • Disease prevention
  • Nursing management
  • Community and family health
  • Health promotion
  • Nursing research
  • Evidence-based nursing
  • Nursing informatics

Prepare to Get into an Online Nursing Degree Program

If you’re serious about getting into an RN to BSN program, use the following steps to get ready:

  • Prepare a copy of your RN license to send in or upload.
  • Write a personal introduction about yourself, similar to a resume cover letter.
  • Write or update your resume.
  • Prepare professional references.
  • Get your transcripts from the institution where you earned your Associate’s degree in nursing or your nursing diploma.
  • Check if your current employer has a program that can help you with your tuition.

If you want more details about the RN to BSN nursing degree program from Independence University, visit our website to request more information. It’ll only take a minute or two. You can fit it into your busy schedule, so you might as well start the request right now.

Don’t put off this next step toward being a stronger competitor for nursing jobs and opening up different career paths for yourself. Once you get more information on the program, you’ll have a better idea of whether it’s for you or not.

You’ve already been working hard as a nurse, so you deserve a degree that will give you more opportunities. Contact Independence University today.



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