The Benefits of Online Community

7 Benefits of Online Communities

Updated By Dustin Groves on May 11, 2020

Critics argue that the digital age is driving us farther and farther apart. But is that true?

How can it be, when the internet connects us in so many ways? From widening your network to providing a wealth of helpful resources, there are countless advantages of online communities.

Here are just a few ways your online community can help you (and how you can return the favor).


Anyone who’s ever logged in to Facebook can see the outpouring of support for friends who are suffering through illness, the loss of a pet, or even just a really bad day at work. Online communities (on all kinds of different social networks) can be a source of emotional support—even if it’s just a good laugh when you need one.


Remember the last time you did something amazing? If you found it hard to tell people about your great promotion or amazing test score, you’re not alone. Many people don’t want to brag about their achievements, but in a strong online community, your friends and followers will promote your achievements for you. If you’ve built those relationships well, a simple announcement about that interview you did for the school blog can cascade into an ocean of shares. Don’t forget to share the good news about your friends in return!


It’s 1:00 a.m. Do you need someone to double-check your Web Programming homework? Chances are you aren’t the only one staying up late to get your assignment done. Facebook or Reddit groups are a fantastic places to see who else is studying into the wee hours of the morning. You can use them as a resource to work together and get all of your most important questions answered. It’s definitely a better option than texting your instructor at that time of night.


The internet is making it easier than ever for students of all learning styles to find the resources they need to learn more effectively. Some students may take detailed, helpful notes during lectures, while others may rely on diagrams or other multimedia to better understand the same material. When you have a strong online community, you find the best educational resources for your needs as other students share what has helped them learn.


Though we’ve discussed many incredible ways an online community can enhance your life, there are still some limitations to internet relationships. Luckily, many people have the chance to interact with their online communities in real life. An increasing number of Facebook groups or message board communities are planning local meet-ups so that community members can get to know the people who live nearby. Meetup is even a social network that’s all about, well, meeting up!


Personal referrals are one of the most effective ways to land a job in any industry. And though you may not know as many people in “real life,” when you engage in an online community, your network grows exponentially. Don’t be afraid to research that company you dream of working at on Glassdoor or LinkedIn. If you have a connection, reach out and ask for help or a good word. And if someone you know asks you for help, do your best to connect them with any opportunity you think is appropriate.

7. FUN

We don’t care if it’s a fully immersive online game or sharing kitten pictures on Instagram—sometimes you just need to share your online fun with a friend. Remember that relaxation improves your life too. So don’t forget to take a minute or two and pass along the funniest meme you’ve seen all day.


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