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20 Benefits of Earning Healthcare Degrees Online

Updated By Staff Writer on March 17, 2021

Healthcare degrees are in great demand these days. While earning any healthcare degree is a worthy endeavor, earning an online healthcare degree gives you many specific benefits you may not have thought of before.

Here are 20 of them!

  1. You’ll Get Exceptional Student Support

    Just because you are an independent student doesn’t mean you have to go at it all alone. Professional instructors, tutors, and advisors are with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

  2. You Don’t Have to Quit Your Day (or Night) Job

    The ability to work around your own schedule means you don’t have to quit your job or even cut down on hours. Being able to keep your job while you progress toward your dream career in healthcare makes your time spent in school much less stressful than knowing you’re living exclusively off of debt.

  3. You’ll Learn New Technological Skills

    As a fortunate byproduct of online learning, you’ll gain important computer and internet skills just by doing your homework and quizzes online. At the end of your schooling, you’ll find that you type much faster, have more efficient research skills, and are able to create documents and spreadsheets with ease.

  4. The Class Topics Are Relevant

    By earning an online healthcare degree, you won’t be wasting any time on irrelevant or redundant classes before you can start working in your chosen healthcare career. Every class has a purpose and gets you the education you need.

  5. You Get a Comfortable Learning Environment

    Since you don’t have to take in-person classes, you have the opportunity to learn in a comfortable environment—whatever that means for you. If you work best when you can take frequent, small breaks, then you can. If you prefer to read in bed before falling asleep, that’s your prerogative. Whatever works for you is what you get.

  6. You Don’t Have to Ignore Your Family

    Too often when adults go back to school, it means that they are away from their families several nights a week. Going back to school is a rigorous task that requires a lot of work. Fortunately, when earning an online healthcare degree, you can still be home and accessible to your family.

  7. Save on Transportation Money

    Gas, train tickets, or bus fare can add up when you’re commuting across town to campus. By staying home for school, you can put that saved money to better use.

  8. You’ll Gain a Healthy Dose of Self-Motivation

    Online college is a good place to learn plenty of self-motivation and self-discipline, both of which are great life skills that you’ll find yourself relying on over and over again throughout your career.

  9. Improved Virtual Communication Skills

    Communicating online in a professional way is an important skill any worker today needs to master. Online coursework and communication between students and instructors is good practice for functioning well online and off in the healthcare industry.

  10. You’ll Learn How to Manage Your Time

    The rigors of an online degree necessitate good planning and time management. Even without a formal class on the subject, students must learn how to use their time wisely if they want to succeed. The skills you’ll learn in this area as a result of the rigorous schedule will be a big benefit for you going forward. No matter what you major in.

  11. You Get a Built-In Professional Network

    Finding and getting a great job is becoming increasingly dependent on who you know. Online colleges offer their students ongoing career services at no extra cost. You’ll get resume advice and insider tips on job openings and opportunities.

  12. You Get a New Tablet and Laptop Computer at No Extra Charge

    Every student could use a new tablet and laptop to aid them on their educational journey. Traditional colleges don’t offer this perk, but some online colleges, including Independence University, do, so take advantage of it.

  13. Staff with Real-World Healthcare Experience

    The instructors heading up the online healthcare degree programs have extensive experience in the healthcare industry. They know how to prepare you for a real-world career by training you to be proficient in your field of study.

  14. The Access to Educational Materials and Learning Tools

    E-learning comes with the distinct advantage of giving you open access to a wide variety of digital educational materials and online learning tools that help solidify your knowledge of any topic in healthcare.

  15. It’s Cost Effective

    Cutting down on the years you’re in school has an immediate effect of making school much more affordable. And getting your courses online means that the costs of classroom space, which are typically passed on to the students, are unnecessary.

  16. No-Cost Class Auditing

    Once you graduate, you can audit classes free of charge. That way, if you need a refresher in order to pursue an advancement or certification, or for any other reason, you can go back over the material and be confident that you have it all down.

  17. You Aren’t Limited by Location

    Why relocate to a far-away campus and pay top dollar for room and board, when you can live at home or in any affordable community that works for your lifestyle? With an online college, you aren’t tied to the location of the campus. You can live anywhere and still participate in a high-quality online healthcare degree program that sets you up for future success.

  18. Your Instructors Are Keen to Communicate

    Instructors who teach online know their students have busy schedules. Because of this, instructors make themselves available and easy to reach and communicate with outside of traditional school day hours.

  19. Class Discussions Bring Focus to Course Content

    It can be intimidating to speak up, ask questions, or contribute to a conversation while surrounded by a crowd of strangers in a packed lecture hall. Maybe you prefer time to think about a given subject before responding to a question or situation. Online communication tools and a flexible schedule can make it more comfortable for you to participate in in-depth discussions of ideas and techniques.

  20. Graduation Comes Faster

    At a traditional university, it can take up to eight years of education before you graduate, even for a Bachelor’s degree. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 60% of students had earned their degree in under six years! At a career-focused, online university, graduation comes much faster. You’ll be able to finish school and jump right into work before you know it.

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