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8 Career Paths for a Business Major

Updated By Dustin Groves on July 13, 2020

In terms of career options, it’s hard to beat a business degree. While you may want to specialize in a field while learning about business, you can also apply the skills you learn to a wide range of professions. A business degree can take your career almost anywhere you want to go. As long as you’re excited about learning, the principles of big-picture management, marketing, and financial analysis are easy to put to use. Fortunately, these skills transfer to other industries. If you want to switch careers down the line, your business degree may well still come in handy. Here are eight top career possibilities to help set your degree on the employment track.

1. Sales

If you’re a people person who loves matching people with products and services they need, sales might be a great career path for you. A sales position involves acquiring customers, maintaining customer relationships, and overseeing the distribution of products or services to those customers. Positions such as sales rep or sales manager are prime examples of what many business majors go on to do in their careers.

2. Finance

Another common career for business majors is finance. A business management or administration degree with an emphasis on accounting, forensic accounting, or asset management can prepare you for a role in finance. Analysis, bookkeeping, accounting, banking, and investment are some options that you may pursue. Degrees such as business administration with an asset management emphasis (BS) or accounting (BS) may be good choices for the financially-minded.

3. Human Resources

Human resources jobs are equal parts good business skills and good interpersonal skills. These roles require knowledge of company operations including maintaining employee records, managing payroll, analyzing data, and recruiting employees. A degree in business administration with a human resources emphasis (BS) would be good preparation for this type of career.

4. Consulting

Many businesses and organizations don’t necessarily have good business skills in-house. This is where consultants come in. Management consultants or analysts determine where companies need improvement and come up with solutions. You may opt to specialize as a consultant, for instance, in technology or healthcare, and work with a wide range of companies. This position can be a good fit for people who like to work for themselves and who thrive in varied environments.

5. Entrepreneurship

Do you already have a passion for something that you want to build a career around? No matter what kind of company you want to start, business knowledge can be valuable. Handling finances, managing yourself and other people, and selling skills are things you can apply to your own business. Budding entrepreneurs will want to consider the business administration with an entrepreneur emphasis (MBA) degree.

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6. Creative Pursuits

Though it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re considering a business degree, many jobs in TV, movies, and the arts are viable options for business majors. Consider artist and event management or marketing for arts if you’re curious about this career path. If you know this is where you want to head, check out business administration with a technology emphasis (BS).

7. Nonprofit Work

Another unexpected option for business majors is work in nonprofits. After all, nonprofits need people who can fundraise, develop donor relationships, and manage money well. It's a common misconception that people get paid peanuts at nonprofits. Work at nonprofits can offer the satisfaction of supporting a social cause you care about while also being financially rewarding.

8. Government

As with nonprofit work, government agencies need employees who can manage money, as well as day-to-day operations and logistics. There are a number of government agencies you might look to for a job, including the IRS, the SBA (Small Business Administration), the OPM (Office of Personnel Management), and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

These eight examples are just some of the places a business degree can take you. Your business skills will make you a valuable asset anywhere you choose to go.

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