Choosing the Right Healthcare Degree for You

Posted By Staff Writer on July 14, 2016

Healthcare is an exciting and prosperous field for those who want to help people get well. However, choosing a profession in healthcare can be challenging. What looks like a great opportunity may actually turn out to be a bad fit for some students. Here are several things to consider when selecting a professional focus in healthcare.

Choose Your Passion

When looking at the programs available to healthcare professionals, it’s important to first take a good look at your passion. What excites you? Look closely at each program and identify what aspects you think you’d enjoy and ones you’d dislike. For example, the Medical Specialties program is focused on direct patient care and office management. If you are queasy about taking care of people or you do not care for paperwork, this program may not be the best choice for you. However, if caring for someone and making their life better excites and interests you, this could be the right program! Healthcare Administration is leadership and management focused. If you’re interested in helping things work smoothly and looking at the big picture, healthcare administration could be the program for you. There are many areas in healthcare, and if you take time to review your feelings about a professional track, it should help you choose the right program. Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself before moving ahead with your health career.

Talk to Others

Once you have determined two or three areas that interest you, take time to talk to professionals in these areas. This will help you understand the benefits and challenges of choosing that aspect of a healthcare profession. You can also speak with the dean, any associate deans, or faculty in the School of Healthcare. These professionals will give you an excellent overview of each program and what you can expect. Understanding the programs from a personal level should help you choose the right program for you.

Commit to the Program

Once you have chosen the program that best interests you, be sure and commit the time and effort it will take to complete the degree. Learning about healthcare will start you down the path to a rewarding and profitable career taking care of people.

About the Author Dr. Carmen Herbel Spears has nearly 30 years of experience in nursing and healthcare management and 10 years in nursing education. Her experience in healthcare management includes home health, hospital and critical care management, and leadership. Dr. Spears excels in healthcare financial management curriculum development and has been recognized nationally for her excellence in healthcare delivery. She enjoys working with the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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