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Four Reasons Why Going Back to College Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Posted By Staff Writer on October 1, 2019

You’ve probably noticed today’s workplace is becoming more and more competitive, and the best way to get promoted—or to get or keep a job—is to go back to school and get a college degree.

But for most of us, it’s been years since we were students—and we may or may not have enjoyed the experience. Besides, doesn’t college cost all kinds of money? Isn’t it stressful? Won’t we feel out of place among all those younger students?

These are good questions. And they deserve good answers.

Doesn’t College Cost a Lot?

Yep, it does. An OECD study in 2007 found that of 28 countries, U.S. students pay the highest tuition. During your time in college, you’re likely to take on some debt—which doesn’t sound like much fun when you already have bills to pay, a family to provide for, or existing student loans.

However, there’s a huge silver lining behind the tuition cloud. According to a Pew Research Center study, college graduates make about $17,500 more per year than high school graduates do. And, on average, college graduates are 50 percent less likely to be unemployed than high school graduates. If you want some real motivation, a report from Georgetown University showed that college graduates make, on average, $1 million more over their lifetime than high school graduates.1

We’ll tell you a secret. College teachers actually LOVE older students. Those young whippersnappers who just got out of high school don’t know anything about the real world. Many younger students are more likely to play than study. But you know your time counts, and you won’t waste it. You’re working toward a goal, not just killing time until the next party. If you show the teacher that you’re there to work hard and learn, the teacher will go out of his or her way to help you along.

And if you’re going to an online college, even better! You won’t have to worry about your classmates, school activities, or getting to class on time. You can just concentrate on your work.

Do I Even Have Time to Go Back to School?

Because life’s already full, right? Most people like you have work, family, church, service clubs, and home maintenance—and don’t you deserve weekends off? It can take four years or more to earn a Bachelor’s degree. That’s quite a commitment!

Here’s the thing to keep in mind: Four years from now, you’ll either have a college degree, or you won’t. Which means you’ll either be right where you are now, or you’ll be exploring exciting new career opportunities.2 Which would you prefer? (Especially in this job market—which will likely only get more competitive).

How you spend the next four years will have a huge impact not only on you but also on your loved ones. The sooner you get going, the sooner all of you can enjoy a better quality of life. How you spend your time now will determine the quality of your life only a few years down the road.

Explore Your Online College Options

Would you like to prepare yourself to do work that’s more rewarding and possibly earn a higher salary, making life better for you and your loved ones? No two ways about it: the fastest way there could be through college!

And if you do some looking, you can often find grants (free money) and low-interest loans to help you pay tuition, for those who qualify. Start here to find information on financial assistance.

Isn’t College Stressful?

You’re right that college demands a lot. When a school gives you a degree, it’s telling the world you’ve learned something worth knowing and you can use it in the workplace. With its own reputation on the line, the college is going to require you to earn that degree.

So, yes, you’ll have to work. But you’ve lived in the real world, so you already know how to work. You’ve learned how to do the various jobs you’ve had over the years, so you know how to learn. This means you’re totally qualified for college.

Think of it this way: studying for your degree is like studying for a superpower. When you’re done, you’ll be able to do something you couldn’t do before, something not everyone knows how to do. And this will make you more valuable to employers. You’ll be ready to put your learning straight to work.

Online college has been a great gift to the reluctant student. Instead of meeting at a regularly scheduled time and in a classroom full of students, you can sit down in the privacy of your home or office and work your way through your courses at your own time, with fewer stressors.

Isn’t College Only for Younger People?

You know that dream you sometimes have of being back in school and realizing you haven’t gone to class in weeks and the big test is coming up? Is that what it’ll be like going to college now? Feeling like you’re too far behind to catch up? Feeling outpaced by the younger students around you?

At Independence University, you can earn your career-focused degree online in healthcare, technology, business, or graphic arts. It could take you just 20 to 26 months for an Associate’s degree, 36 to 38 months for a Bachelor’s degree, or 15 to 16 months for a Master’s degree—and all from the comfort of your own home.

1. The amount of increased earnings varies by field and degree.
2. The college does not guarantee a job. Gaining employment is the graduate's responsibility.

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