20 Easy Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Save Your Bacon

Updated By Manda Perkins on June 4, 2020

Managing to fit work, school, homework, and family into a busy schedule can be difficult, so any opportunity to save some time can really help. Spend less time formatting your homework and more time enjoying life with these handy tech tips and keyboard shortcuts.

Selecting, Copying, and Pasting Text

1. Select All = Ctrl + A: Don’t you just hate when you scroll through multiple pages to select all the text on one page, and then you accidentally click the mouse button again and lose it all? Scroll no more with Ctrl + A. This command will select all the text on the page for you to then copy, move, replace, or delete.

2. Copy = Ctrl + C: After you’ve selected the text you want, a quick Ctrl + C will copy it all to the clipboard.

3. Cut = Ctrl + X: Completely cut out chunks of text to later paste elsewhere.

4. Paste = Ctrl + V: This will simply paste your copied text to your designated destination. However, you will still have to paste with the right mouse button in order to adjust the format of the text you are pasting.

Correcting Mistakes

5. Undo = Ctrl + Z: Did you accidentally delete an entire paragraph? No fear! This simple command will undo the last change you made in most documents.

6. Redo = Ctrl + Y: This will redo whatever you undid with the undo command.

7. Restoring a browser tab = Ctrl + Y: Rather than searching the web for the page you just accidentally exited, use this simple command to reopen the most recently closed browser tab.  

Save and Print

8. Save = Ctrl + S: No need to use your mouse every time you'd like to save a document. Just use this key command!

9. Print = Ctrl + P: This is the easiest way to print a document and save yourself some time.

Text Formatting

10. Bold = Ctrl + B: No need to bother with the text toolbar. Hit this command before typing to make your text bold and just hit Ctrl + B again to return to regular text.

11. Italics = Ctrl + I: Use this keyboard shortcut when listing names of books, journals, films, and television shows. You don’t even need to touch your mouse.

12. Underline = Ctrl + U: As an alternative to italics, use Ctrl + U to underline important text.

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Universal Time-Saving Keyboard Secrets

13. Find = Ctrl + F: Instead of scrolling through a whole document to find a topic, use Ctrl + F to locate exact words within the text.

14. Find and Replace = Ctrl + H: Use abbreviations throughout your paper to save typing time, and later use Ctrl + H to find all these abbreviations and replace them all with their formal, longer name, which you’ll only have to type once.

15. Spell Check = F7: With this function, you can run a quick spell check to locate misspelled words. If you know you consistently spell a word wrong, use the find and replace command to fix them all at once.

Excel Shortcuts and Tips

16. Time = Ctrl + Shift + colon (:): Insert the time into a cell.

17. Date = Ctrl + semicolon (;): Insert the date into a cell.

18. Money = Ctrl + Shift + $: This command is helpful when creating budget spreadsheets. It applies the currency format to numbers with two decimal places.

19. Next Sheet = Ctrl + Pg Up/Pg Dn: Toggle between sheets of an Excel file.

20. Insert Row/Column = Ctrl + Shift + plus sign: Insert a new row above the selected row or a new column in front of the currently selected column. Save time and click less with these easy keyboard shortcuts and commands! If you want to put your new typing skills to good use, request more info about getting a degree!


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