6 Ways to Develop your Deductive Reasoning

Updated By Staff Writer on March 17, 2020

Deductive reasoning is often associated with one of the most famous detectives of all, Sherlock Holmes. This art is something that most people never fully tap into during their lifetimes but Sherlock was able to master it! It may seem impossible to become a Sherlock but there are some ways to apply it whether you are a forensic scientist or if you are just doing accounting for your business. So here are some ways to improve our deductive reasoning.

Be ready to question the norms.

Many people will tell you things that seem to be the case but don’t be fooled into believing everything you hear. It’s all about controlling your emotions and listening to reason. 

Be careful with the way you are looking at things.

It is all about observation. If you analyze and think things out, you will be more likely to deduce the right answer to things. Always take the time to look at things a second time.

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There is often times an obvious and simple answer to most of the puzzling problems in the world today. 

So rather than creating larger-than-life problems it is important to break them down, piece by piece, until we can determine what the problem really is.  In calculus we call it factoring and it is a very efficient way of taking things apart to save time and effort. Dr. Watson is consistently surprised at the simplicity of Holmes deductive pathways.


If you are curious then you are ready to really dig deep and observe. 

Curiosity is really just the will to know and understand something as a whole.  If you don’t have that then you won’t be able to motivate yourself to deduce things.  Often curiosity is the catalyst behind truly important discoveries.

Instinct is a powerful thing to trust still.

Make sure that when you get those powerful feelings that you pay heed to them. Your body sometimes is smarter than your mind.

Work alongside a friend and come to a better decision. 

By talking things out you are able to dissect and understand things more fully. Overall, deductive reasoning can help you problem solve and have added perception as you go through life. Whether you are a student or entrepreneur, make sure that you are using these tips to become more like Sherlock Holmes.

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