How to Find the Perfect Online University for You

Posted By Dustin Groves on December 10, 2014

Going back to school is a big deal, and to help you choose wisely, we’ve compiled a list of some factors to consider when choosing an online university.

Qualified Staff.

Look for a learning institution that’s accredited, meaning the organization is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and has to meet certain standards, is often reviewed and monitored, and strives to continually improve the staff and programs.  Independence University if also accredited by Commission on Accrediation for Respiratory Care and Society for Human Resource Management.

What People Say.

There are others who had to make the same choices you are faced with. Let their experience and wisdom guide you. Look for reviews about an institution on Facebook and Yelp pages- they’re a great resource in deciding which is the right school for you before making a commitment.

Degrees You Can Use.

Going back to school is about getting a degree that can benefit your life and your family. Look for programs that will earn you a degree in growing fields like healthcare and information technology. Online programs are generally designed to be organized in the most efficient way possible, so you’ll be able to graduate and put your education to use quicker.


One of the best things about online degrees is the flexibility and self-driven learning. You can earn your degree at your own schedule.  It’s probably one of the reasons you decided on a degree through an online institution in the first place. In order to succeed by working at your own schedule and pace, you need instructors, advisors and tutors that are available more than designated office hours, so you can get answers anytime you need them.


To receive the help you need, you should have full access to an admissions consultant, financial planner, and a student advisor. They'll work together for you through the first MOD (the first four weeks of school.  Some schools work on quarters or semesters, Independence University works on a four week period) to ensure your education experience is as smooth as possible. Be sure your school also has plenty of online resources such as Student Success Centers with free tutoring services and and an IT helpdesks that are available 24/7 for technical issues, as well as and study groups to give you as many resources and support as you need in order to succeed.  Also choose a school that has a motivated and energetic Career Services team to help guide you towards the career of your choosing upon graduation. Cost. With our online university, you get the same cost as a ground university.  There are a number of loans and grants that you may qualify for. Many schools offer financial planners to help you look at the financials before you start. Choose an online university that has financial assistance, scholarship options and a financial planner to guide your through your schooling.

Special Offers.

If you’re a member of the military or a veteran, or the spouse of a present or previous service-member, your costs can be further reduced through special offers. Some universities have dedicated admission consultants to make sure you’re able to use the various incentives available to you, and they’ll help create your personalized financial aid plan. With an online degree, you’ll use your benefits for a program you’ll be able to finish, regardless of whether your job or post changes.

Length of Programs.

It’s possible to earn a Bachelor’s Degree online in just 36 months, or an Associate’s degree in as little as 20 months, and some programs can be completed in just 15 months. Just over a year in school and you’re on your way to a more fulfilling, more lucrative career in your chosen field. Even better, some universities have classes that begin frequently, so you won’t have to wait long for a new semester before starting your degree. We know you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to online learning. At Independence University, we’re eager to show you how we can help you get ahead in your career, increase your earning potential, and be happier with your career with one of our online programs. To learn what sets Independence University apart, talk to our admissions staff.