Benefits of a Masters Degree

From a Bachelor’s to a Master’s Degree: How a Graduate Degree Can Help Your Career Prospects

Updated By Staff Writer on March 26, 2020

We’ve all heard how a graduate degree can do wonders for your career and professional growth. As it becomes harder to set yourself apart from the crowd now more than ever, the benefits of a graduate degree will not only help your career, but may even be necessary in certain fields.

The problem for many of us is that we worked so hard and for so long on a bachelor’s degree that the prospect of more schooling can seem daunting. The great thing about a graduate degree, especially an online master’s degree in your field, is that you can use the experience you gain on the job to help with your schoolwork. Then, of course, your degree will help you on the job, now and in the future.

If that doesn’t convince you, here are seven more ways that an online graduate degree can help your career prospects.

Career Advancement

That bachelor’s degree that you worked so hard to earn as you clocked extra hours, maybe started a family, and spent nights and weekends completing can get you in the door to a rewarding career. An online master’s degree can take your career a step further. For instance, many healthcare administration positions require a master’s degree just to be considered. This is a growing field with highly rewarding work and good salaries. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists medical and health services managers as growing faster than most fields, and is projected to grow 20% from 2016 to 2026.

The great thing about an online master’s degree program is that you can work in the field while you earn your degree. This gives you experience in the field in addition to your future graduate degree, which makes you that much more marketable for career advancement.

Specialized Knowledge

When you earn a bachelor’s degree, you learn the critical basics of your field. You need that well-rounded education so you can apply it to a variety of career settings and applications. When you get a graduate degree, you get to focus your work, learning, and attention to something more specific. This helps you master a specific area within the broader field, which makes you highly marketable to employers. They call it a master’s degree for a reason.

Explore Your Interests

That specialized knowledge can mean as much to you as to future employers. When you get a graduate degree, you get to focus on the topics that interest you most. If you want to emphasize public health on top of your schooling in health administration, you can focus on that and really dive into what interests you.

Personal Development

Not everything is about money and careers. When you get an online master’s degree, you not only expand your career potential, you also engage in lifelong learning. You get to improve yourself as an individual and as a learner.

Accomplish Big Goals

Along those same lines and in addition to being marketable for your skills and knowledge, you also get to set and accomplish big goals when you get a graduate degree. This is rewarding for you, and it says a lot about you to potential employers. They want people who set their sights on something and get it done.


Another benefit of getting a graduate degree, even in an online setting, is the valuable additions you make to your network. Whether they be instructors with great professional connections or fellow students, the people you meet will enhance your professional and personal connections. The instructors in online master’s degree programs like ours bring years of real world experience that not only makes them better informed, it also makes them better connected.

Adapt and Grow with the Economy

The economy is changing at an incredible rate. There is a real need for learning and growing so you can evolve with economic trends. Healthcare administration, for example, is a growing field that will require more skilled professionals. As our population ages and faces new health challenges, leaders in the healthcare industry will need to know the latest information and have the latest skills to do their jobs well. By getting an online master’s degree in healthcare administration, or another dynamic field like information technology, you can stay ahead.

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