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Q&A About Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Arts

Updated By Josh Weekes on October 2, 2020

Are you interested in earning a Bachelor’s degree in graphic arts? Check out the questions below to learn more about graphic designers and what they do.

What Is the Best Degree for Graphic Design?

If you want to get a job as a graphic designer, it’s best to get a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or graphic arts from a nationally or regionally accredited school. Students should research the requirements for admission, curriculum, and tuition rates before choosing a program.

Is Graphic Design a 4-Year Degree?

Yes, it usually takes four years to complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. However, it takes only about 3 years (37 months) to complete the graphic arts degree at Independence University.

Is Graphic Design an Art Major?

Yes, graphic design is an art major that includes courses like digital imaging, desktop publishing, and more. Students who want to work more in marketing may choose to study marketing or business along with their graphic design classes.

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get with a Graphic Design Degree?

Students with a graphic design degree can get a variety of jobs in a range of settings, such as working in-house at a large corporation or at a small design studio. Job positions might include art director, creative director, or graphic designer.

What Is a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design?

Students earning a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design learn how to create balanced, appealing images for marketing, advertising, or promotional purposes. The degree program combines classroom and hands-on learning to help students learn basic principles of color theory, typography, and more.

Do I Need a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design?

You can get a job in graphic design without a degree, but it’s more difficult. Most graphic design jobs require a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related subject. While graphic design skills can be learned through online videos and classes, most marketing graphic designers earn a degree since it opens up more career options.

How Do I Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design?

Anyone wanting to get a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design will need to research accredited schools and universities, then go through the application and admissions process and complete the program to earn their degree.

Is Graphic Design a Good Career Choice?

Yes, graphic design is a good career choice for anyone looking for a career that is a combination of art and problem-solving. Successful graphic designers learn to communicate effectively, accept client feedback, and create innovative design solutions.

Is Graphic Design in Demand?

Yes, graphic design jobs are in demand, especially as companies rely on websites, mobile apps, and innovative marketing to attract new customers. Graphic designers have a valuable skill set that is needed in a variety of industries, from advertising to healthcare.

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