Holiday Gifts for Online College Students.

Updated By Staff Writer on June 2, 2020

These Creative Ideas Score High on the WOW Factor Scale!

Decisions, decisions ... trying to find the perfect holiday gift for an online college student can be daunting. Will it be a much-welcomed gift that is instantly put to good use or will it end up in the back of the closet? Worry no more! Here are some great gift ideas to consider for students who are typically short on time and even shorter on money:  


A Yale study found that while gift givers tend to choose gifts they see as more desirable over gifts that are more practical, gift receivers actually prefer the more practical gift. Well, what could be more practical than giving money, especially to a hardworking college student? There’s only one problem. It looks like a last-minute gift, something you put absolutely no thought into ... that is, until now! Add a little sizzle to those Washingtons (or Grants and Franklins) by presenting your holiday cash in a creative way. To add some imagination to a not-so-imaginative gift, make a money lei, Christmas money tree, or some fancy money origami. You’ll be amazed at the hundreds of ways you can make a few one-dollar bills look like a million bucks! Start here to find creative ways to present your holiday cash.  

Gift cards>

Gift cards are another gift that, while always appreciated, don’t exactly score high on the wow factor scale. What to do? How about attaching a related item to the card? For example, tuck a Texas Roadhouse Restaurant gift card inside a cowboy hat or boots, attach a Petco gift card to a stuffed animal, add a bookmark to a Barnes and Noble gift card, or include some body butter with a luxurious day-at-the-spa gift card. A gift card may not be unique by itself, but when you jazz it up with another item you may just hit that wow factor after all!  For more ideas, click here.

Coupon Book

Make your own homemade coupon book. You don’t have to spend a dime (other than the paper) when you offer to babysit, complete a household chore, make a grocery run, or give a backrub. Add some dinero to the mix and throw in a romantic dinner, breakfast in bed, a night at the movies—well, you get the picture (no pun intended). Take it up yet another notch and get it professionally printed for a more polished presentation. There is a plethora of printable, template, and custom printing options on the internet. You can start here.

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Customized Gift Basket

Does your online college student get the munchies while studying on the computer? Who doesn’t? Collect his or her favorite snacks and sugary confections, arrange them in an attractive basket, tie on a bow, and you’re done! This is one gift that never gets returned to the store. Choose from junk food, healthy snacks, and everything in between. With such irresistible offerings, your college student will be drooling when study time comes. Visit here for some added inspiration!

The Gift of Time

Time is precious because there never seems to be enough of it. Why not give your busy online student something that saves time? If it’s in your budget, hire a maid for a day or a handyman for a repair job. How about buying your college student a grocery delivery service subscription? For example, one major chain’s grocery delivery service costs as little as $99 a year. That’s unlimited free grocery delivery (as in you could use it every freakin’ day!) for a full year provided you meet the minimum order of $30. By eliminating time-consuming tasks, you are giving your busy online student something valuable—free time! What could be better? Click here

By the way, there is something in all this gift giving for you, too. According to a new study, the “joy” of giving is real. Research shows that those who give gifts are happier – and happier for longer – than those who receive gifts. This is definitely a win-win!    

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