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Homework Help Online: The Best Homework Help Websites

Updated By Staff Writer on March 17, 2021

Let’s say you are going along, doing your homework, when suddenly you find yourself completely lost in the problems and your mind goes blank. Or maybe you’ve been slowly sinking deeper and deeper into undone work because you got lost a long time ago, never got the homework help you needed, and are now completely derailed and trying to catch up at the last minute.

Both of these scenarios are very common for students of all ages and in all disciplines. So don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can get the online tutoring you need to get yourself back on track and ready to keep moving forward in your schooling.

The homework help websites for college students listed below are useful for any time you don’t fully understand the information you’re being taught. Whether in English, math, or science class, if you need college homework help online, these are the places to go.

English Homework Help Websites

The best college homework help websites for when your struggling in your English classes are:

Fact Monster: For all those writing assignments, Fact Monster can show you how to get your sentence structure correct, write a well-written research paper, and much more.

Grammarly: If you’re worried your writing isn’t at college level, Grammarly can help you not only eliminate errors, but perfect your style and tone.

CliffsNotes: Having trouble understanding the required reading? Read the summary of the book and an analysis of the characters, as well as getting homework help from CliffsNotes.

Math Homework Help Websites

The best homework help websites for when you’re stuck on a math problem are:

Khan Academy: When asked “What is the best homework help website?” many teachers say it’s Khan Academy. Many schools around the country use this site to aid their students in learning math. Subjects covered include everything from pre-algebra through calculus and statistics. If you’ve fallen dreadfully behind, it might be time to take advantage of online tutoring. Since math is often a subject that gets people frustrated, a tutor can act as the push you need to get through the class with an A grade.

Desmos: Are you frustrated with learning how to use a calculator to graph functions, plot data, and evaluate equations? If so, then this resource is for you. Simply choose the function you need and plug in the numbers. Desmos will do the rest.

Science Homework Help Websites

The best online homework help websites to get support in the subject of science are:

HippoCampus: Whether you are learning biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science, HippoCampus has simulation videos to help you finally understand complicated concepts.

Chegg Prep: Science classes often require vast amounts of word and phrase memorization. Chegg Prep helps you create your own flashcards you can use to help you in this endeavor.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy also has a very strong science section that is chock-full of information to help you ace your assignments. They even cover advanced health and medicine topics such as advanced endocrine system physiology, muscular-skeletal diseases, mental health, lab values and concentrations, and the health care system.

There you have it, the best college homework help websites all listed in one place!

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Your Own University’s Homework Help Resources

Before you resort to getting homework help online, don’t forget the wonderfully helpful homework help resources offered right through your own university.

If you’re attending Independence University, you have free access to the following:

  • One-On-One Support: You can get individual support, including online tutoring, from your instructors and support team via phone, email, or chat.
  • Student Success Center: Schedule a time to meet with your academic learning coaches and lab assistants to help you with your subject matter.
  • Online Class Discussion Boards: Each class has an online forum where you can go to ask questions and have discussions with fellow students.

If you’re worried that attending an online university will make it too hard to get the online homework help that you need, don’t be. Every student who attends Independence University has an entire team of dedicated professionals who are ready and willing to do all they can to help you succeed in reaching graduation.

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