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How Your Degree Can Help You Get Involved in Your Community

Updated By Staff Writer on June 22, 2020

One of the many benefits of receiving an education is the opportunity that it will give to a person to help others in their community.  Obviously it does not take an education to contribute to one’s community, but the additional training, education, and acquired skills from a career and a college degree can enable a person to give back in unique ways. The cliché quote that states with great power comes great responsibility can here be applied to those who have armed themselves with the power that knowledge gives through attaining their collegiate education.  With their various skills and knowledge, a person who has earned an education can give back to their community by finding ways to use their acquired skills to aid those around them.

An attitude of giving

At Independence University, we strive to instill into our students the attitude of giving.  We understand that through volunteer community service, our graduates and future graduates will be able to make their local neighborhoods a better place to live and raise a family. With every individual doing their part to improve their local community, towns and cities across the nation will be able to enjoy the economic and public success that comes from a helping populace.  Finding ways to help and give back to a local community is easy and can be extremely rewarding for the individual who is serving.

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Opportunities to serve are out there

Teenage Volunteer Serving Senior Female Patient Meal In Hospital Bed

Opportunities for service in one’s community are plentiful if a person knows where to look.  If you have a desire to contribute more to your local area, one of the first places you can look to find service and volunteer opportunities is your city’s town hall. Town halls will often be filled with offices dedicated to the betterment of the community.  Parks departments, for example, will typically welcome volunteers who wish to help with an upcoming civic event.

Another example of how to use the local government to give back is by volunteering your skills as an accountant, if you have an accounting degree, to help the city put on free educational workshops on finance for individuals in the community.  Or if you have a healthcare administration degree, you can speak with a public official about ways to improve the health of your community. The opportunities to use your college degree and expertise in your local community are practically endless so long as you have a desire to give back.  And now that you have your degree, it may be time to consider the good you can do outside of your workplace by using your degree to aid others.


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