How Our Students Use the Internet to Stay Connected

Updated By Staff Writer on August 10, 2020

In today’s world, online learning is becoming more widespread and influential than ever before. While online learning is done remotely, it’s important for students to realize they have many resources to stay connected to fellow students, teachers, and like-minded peers. Social media is an excellent way for students to interact and get the support they need, even though online colleges like Independence University don’t have a traditional college campus. What are the other benefits of social media to students?

Advantages of Social Media for Online College Students

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter may get a bad rap sometimes, but there are numerous advantages of social media for online college students. These platforms are an amazing outlet that encourages collaboration and creativity. They can even be used as a learning tool, as students can use social media to better understand the material they’re learning in class, get answers to questions, and find other online resources relevant to their studies.

Here are three of the most common social media platforms our students are using, along with the specific advantages of each one.


The original college social media platform, Facebook still reigns as one of the most popular ways for students to connect. IU students can talk to students from their classes, get in touch with upperclassmen, or even become better acquainted with their teachers when they become friends on Facebook.

Facebook groups are another important part of staying in touch with people from a specific degree program or class. At IU, we’ve created private Facebook groups for each degree program, allowing students to have a great place for asking questions about assignments, finding buddies to collaborate with on schoolwork, or talking about big ideas from their coursework.


Students love to use Twitter to discuss the world beyond Independence University. Twitter makes it easy to tag influential people or celebrities and potentially get a response from them. It’s an exciting place to discuss everything from current events to everyday happenings. Hashtags are a great way to explore trending topics and connect with people who have similar interests. Those looking to network can even use Twitter as a starting point for finding a job or internship, or simply to learn more about their desired career path.


Of course, we can’t talk about social media for college students without mentioning the career-focused platform LinkedIn. IU students use this social media site to brand themselves as they go out into the world looking for jobs. But the network isn’t just an online resume-builder. Students can use the platform to stay in touch with former coworkers and get to know people at companies they’d aspire to work for. They can also use it to request informational interviews, participate in public forums, or share career-related resources.

Learn More About the Benefits of an Online Community

We’ve covered some of the biggest advantages of social media for students, but there are still many other ways you might enjoy engaging with your peers as an online student. Check out Independence University’s blog to learn more about the benefits of an online community.