How Our Students Use the Internet to Stay Connected

Posted By Staff Writer on July 14, 2014

Facebook Groups

We actively facilitate Facebook groups for our different degree programs. These communities are private so that only students can join. They’re a great place to ask questions about an assignment, find a buddy to collaborate on a project, or just talk about the big ideas your coursework is inspiring.

Facebook in General

Then there are the ways our students connect using their own initiative. We know from comments we’ve seen that our students actively seek connections with other students from their classes on Facebook. It’s really exciting for us to see how generous upperclassmen are about reaching out to new students.


We’re finding that more and more of our students are using Twitter as a resource for connecting with each other and the world beyond Independence University. They love how easy it is to tag people they admire (and often actually get a response) and engage in conversations using hashtags. It’s a good place to start an investigation about something career-related and also to get lost in fun comments.


Long known for being a career website, our students are using LinkedIn to build public profiles of how they want to be seen in their respective industries. They’re connecting and networking with former co-workers, reaching out for informational interviews, participating in public forums, and sharing resources with like-minded individuals. LinkedIn is much more than an online resume builder, and our students are taking full advantage of this online business community.


You can often find students in our graphic arts programs “playing around” on Tumblr. It looks like play, but really all that time they spend looking at images and posting their own work is a great strategy for making a name for themselves in their respective fields. The internet can seem like a wild and wooly place where it’s hard to connect to actual humans, but our students are proving that it’s also a great place to make (and keep) new friends. How do you use the internet to connect to people? Please share your story in the comments. Share this blog post:

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