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How to Prepare and Stay Motivated in School After the Holidays

Updated By Staff Writer on July 2, 2020

No matter how much you love what you’re studying, going back to school after the holidays might feel at least a little rough. The post-holiday blues are real, and they can impact your work and schooling if you’re not careful. Use the following helpful tips to prepare for the new semester and motivate yourself to work hard and succeed.

Get Back into a Sleep Schedule

Holidays can easily mess up your sleep schedule between events with family and friends, traveling, and the lack of a regular routine. If you want to make the first day (and week) of school a lot easier for yourself, get back into a normal sleep routine around a week before returning to class.

Get Return from Travels a Day Early

It might seem like a good idea to spend every available second away while you have a chance, but coming back home a day early has several advantages. Traveling can be exhausting; if you roll into your driveway or parking lot late the night before classes start, you’re going to be exhausted the next day.

Additionally, you won’t have any time to unpack and organize after your trip. It’s a lot harder to get on top of laundry, cleaning, and organization during the semester if you don’t start out in a good place. Coming back a day early can give you time to recover from traveling and start the year off right.

Plan Something Exciting

Don’t underestimate the power of a countdown. During fall, you have a lot of little things to look forward to throughout the semester. You get several holidays that often come along with breaks from school. January–May can be rough if you don’t plan something that gets you excited. It doesn’t have to be big. Maybe there is a great movie coming out at the end of the semester, or maybe you’ll treat yourself to a special dinner once classes are done. Find something you can look forward to, and work toward, throughout the semester.

Choose a Special Lunch

Along those lines, treat yourself to something special for lunch the first day. You can use this same tactic throughout the semester. If you know you have a rough week with a lot of tests or projects, plan a special lunch. If you have a job interview you’re nervous about, plan a special lunch. It doesn’t matter whether you go out to eat or pack something you love, the point is to plan something that will guarantee at least one thing goes right that day.

Put Out Everything the Night Before

The first day of school is always a bit hectic. Hopefully, you’ll wake up on time and nothing will go wrong, but it’s better to save yourself some stress and plan ahead. Gather everything you’ll need for the day and put it in your bag or backpack. Pack a breakfast/lunch the night before, and lay out your clothes for the next day. Make sure you know where your keys are located, and fill up your tank if necessary.

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Good

It might sound like something straight out of your childhood, but planning back-to-school outfits that make you feel good can make your first week back a lot better. Something as simple as liking the way you look can boost your confidence in more areas than just physical appearance.

Make a Meal Plan

Failing to plan is basically planning to eat last-minute microwave food for a month. The beginning of a new semester can be a bit of a transition, and it may take you some time to find your new groove. Plan ahead and make a meal plan of easy-to-execute foods that you can rely on during your busy weeks.

The holidays are full of heavy food that can leave you feeling sluggish, bloated, and simply unhealthy. The last thing you need when balancing a busy schedule is to feel like that. Without a plan, it’s easy to continue with more of the same. Meal plans can help ensure you enjoy a more balanced diet. The best part is making weekly meal plans can help you save time, money, and stress all semester long.

The best way to combat the post-holiday blues is to be engaged in a program you love that will help build your future. Request more info about the degree programs offered at Independence University using our online form.