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Which IT Jobs Are in Demand in 2020?

Updated By Staff Writer on July 20, 2020

Deciding on a career path isn't always easy. Along with choosing a career that is enjoyable and satisfying, you’ll want to choose something that provides a stable living with benefits and growth potential. Luckily, IT jobs are some of the best careers to provide both excitement, growth, and a livable salary. But what technical jobs are in high demand right now? And what are the best tech jobs for the future?

In 2020, the following positions are in-demand jobs that will allow you to enjoy a long and satisfying career. These jobs rank the highest on the list for their stability, good income, and a wealth of other benefits:


The position of a business intelligence analyst is one that appeals to many. A business intelligence analyst is responsible for figuring out business trends to increase efficiency in the workplace. This person may work at a computer firm, financial institution, or anywhere that emphasizes the importance of staying on top of industry trends. A Bachelor's degree in information science or an MBA is usually required to hold the position.


Data scientists combine knowledge of computer science and applications to discover patterns and interpret data. A career in data science now ranks as the 4th in-demand job of 2020. The demand for data scientists has increased primarily in healthcare and government sectors. If you like programming, math, and statistics, you'll love data science.


Number-crunchers who prefer an office environment and showing off their mathematical skills should consider a career as an accountant. This position most often involves processing numerical data for businesses and corporations, helping individuals file their taxes, and many other situations. This career field usually requires at least an Associate's degree in accounting. Many employers prefer a Bachelor's or even a Master's degree.


Web developers spend their days creating websites from the bottom up, using their expertise in software application, code-writing, and more. A computer-related Bachelor's degree is required for a position as a web developer in most cases, although it is possible to start your own business should you desire.

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Wondering what is the best IT career in 2020? AI architects claim this coveted position, thanks to the high earning potential and exciting future job prospects. Like a chief data scientist, AI architects find technology solutions to a business’s needs. They implement those technologies and evaluate how those needs might evolve. They’re experts in artificial intelligence and will need a Master’s degree in computer science or data science.


Along with AI architects, cybersecurity engineers are among the most in-demand IT jobs for 2020. Since security is something almost all companies are worried about, cybersecurity engineers play a vital role in keeping sensitive data safe for both consumers and businesses. This job usually requires a Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and networking.


With security being such a concern today, cloud architects play another important role in protecting private data. The cloud is a general term to identify any data centers accessible via the internet, and cloud architects design those data centers by creating front end and back end platforms, cloud-based delivery systems, and a cloud network. Cloud architects must have a strong background in computer operations, programming languages, web development, and security.


Every computer network needs someone overseeing the operation as a whole, and that job lands on the systems administrator. This job is in high demand for 2020 because almost every company with a computer network requires someone taking care of maintaining the work flow and keeping the communication lines running smoothly. Computer systems administrators maintain software and hardware by installing upgrades and identifying and fixing problems.


Though computer development and operations used to fall into separate categories, DevOps engineers help to bridge the gap by handling duties in both worlds. DevOps engineers are one of the most in-demand IT jobs in 2020 because they tie together the roles of programmers, system administrators, coders, and more. In 2012 under 1 percent of job openings talked about DevOps, while more than 24 percent did in 2017, and that number is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

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