In-Demand Tech and Healthcare Jobs (and the Degree You Need for the Job)

Updated By Staff Writer on September 11, 2020

Deciding on a career path isn't always easy. Along with choosing a career that is enjoyable and satisfying, you’ll want to choose something that provides a lucrative income with benefits, stability, and growth potential. In 2016, the following positions are in-demand careers that provide job stability, great income, and many other benefits that keep them among the top of the list:

Information Security Analyst

[su_spacer size="15"] With an expected job growth rate of 18 percent, the position of a security analyst is one that is appealing to many. A security analyst is responsible for protecting sensitive data and unauthorized access on the Internet. A security analyst may work at a computer firm, financial institution, or anywhere that emphasizes the importance of information and anti-security breaches. A bachelor's degree in computer science or computer programming is usually required to hold the position.

Data Scientist

Data scientists combine knowledge of computer science and applications to uncover insights in data. A career in data science is now the top in-demand job of 2016, rising from its spot at number six last year. The demand for data scientists has increased primarily in healthcare and government sectors. If you like programming, math, and statistics, you'll love data science.


Number-crunchers who prefer an office environment and showing off their mathematical skills should consider a career as an accountant. This position most often involves processing numerical data for businesses and corporations, helping individuals file their taxes, and many other situations. This career field usually requires at least an associate's degree in accounting. Many employers prefer a bachelor's or even a master's degree.

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for how a website looks. They create the site's layout and integrate graphics, applications, and other content. Web developers spend their days creating websites from the bottom up, using their expertise in software application, code-writing, and more. A computer-related bachelor's degree is required for a position as a web developer in most cases, although it is possible to start your own business should you desire.

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists help care for those who have trouble breathing because of a lung condition. If you enjoy science, math, and helping others, consider a career in respiratory therapy. Although it takes time, dedication, and study, becoming a respiratory therapist is one way to work in a worthwhile position with great pay. In order to become one, you need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. These are just a few promising careers available to you. With the proper schooling and dedication, you could be the next successful candidate. If you’re looking to start a degree program that gives you all the keys to success, you can request information here.