Why the MBA Will Never Die

Posted By Staff Writer on December 19, 2014

1. Advanced interpersonal communication

As long as people respond to trust and feeling comfortable with those around them, the ones with great communication skills will stand out. Jobs in human relations, training or any management position require the ability to pass on ideas and information clearly and affectively, while also motivating their employees .

2. Management skills

Successful leaders efficiently plan, organize,direct and motivate. That can be in any setting; whether it’s managing a single retail store or directing a Fortune 500 company. Learning the secrets of effective management is the first step towards moving up in any field.

3. Business law background

Basic knowledge of business law—like contracts, property law, business relationships and the Privacy Act—is a must, especially for jobs in fields like government, non-profits, banking, insurance or real estate. The more heavily regulated the industry, the more a background in business law will be not just a suggestion, but a requirement.

4. Marketing know-how

Brilliant ideas might be a dime a dozen, but to get a product to market, you need to understand purchasing, distribution, consumer analysis and promotions. Marketing knowledge comes in handy in almost any job, but to get a position at an ad agency or in any marketing department, this knowledge is essential.

5. Selling and sales management chops

Some people have natural sales skills, but the ones who are truly successful have learned to apply strategy and study motivation and analysis. No matter what you’re selling, those skills are the difference between an entry-level position and moving up to a management position.

6. Influential and persuasive ability

Whether it’s making a sale on the retail floor or selling a new concept to investors, the ability to influence and persuade people is the ability to succeed. Building trust and learning how to influence others is the way to move up in any field, especially in business. In order to succeed, it is essential to learn how to persuade and change someone’s mind into your way of thinking.

7. Social media marketing knowledge

How can you take your love of Facebook and Twitter and put it to use in a fulfilling career? Learning the basics of social and digital marketing is the first step towards getting a job in the exploding field of new media. Read blogs, sign up for educational newsletters, read books, get your hands on any material on how to best utilize social media strategy.

8. Fundamental understanding of accounting

Love or hate math, accounting knowledge is essential for any job dealing with finance. It’s how you communicate a company’s performance to others and analyze how employees and products are performing. Anyone who wants to move up into a high level position needs a background or at least an understanding in accounting.

9. Human resource management skills

To land an HR or management job, you have to understand how the psychology of your employees works when managing and making decisions. Even if you’re a natural people person, you’ll need to know basics of human resources, employment law, records management, safety training and fair company policies.

10. Economics background

Understanding how money flows from production to consumption is the first step to becoming a business leader. Learning why things cost what they do, how to determine wages and, most importantly, how to make a company profit is one the most valuable ways in order to make sure you keep moving up the corporate ladder.

11. Training and development expertise

Whether or not you’re a natural teacher, a few special skills are required for positions like project manager, sales trainer or development manager. Knowing how to design and develop content and then deliver it so both individuals and groups can understand it takes a strong background in training and development.

12. Professional development savvy

Sometimes the difference between being qualified for a job and being hired is having a network, writing an irresistible resume and acing the job interview. By learning how to develop your own career, you could have success in any field, throughout life. Getting an MBA means you’ll gain specific skills that will go with you in whatever field your dreams take you. In a quickly evolving world, things like stellar communication and sharp sales skills apply across the board, and often make the difference between employee and employer. Contact our admissions office and apply for your MBA from Independence University today.