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Myths Busted: Online College Edition

Updated By Staff Writer on March 18, 2021

You might think you know everything about online education, but you’re probably wrong. Here’s the straight truth that busts many of the most persistent online college myths.

Myth: Online Institutions Aren’t Accredited

Busted: Accreditation may be awarded to any educational institution that proves they provide an education that meets the highest standards and have the authority to issue degrees. This means that an online educational institution may choose to be put through the same rigorous accreditation process as traditional, ground-based schools and colleges. This process includes reviews and site visits that assess faculty, student support services, finance, facilities, curricula, and other important factors. To check and see if your online school of choice is fully accredited, check the list on the Department of Education website.

Myth: You Have to Take Classes from an Online College Located in Your State of Residence

Busted: Some online colleges are designed for students located anywhere in the world. After all, that’s one of the major perks of enrolling in an online college. Applicants should be aware, however, whether their state of residence recognizes degrees from their chosen institution. While some universities charge different tuition rates from in-state and out-of-state students, Independence University’s tuition rate does not fluctuate by a student’s state of residence.

Myth: All Online Colleges Are the Same

Busted: When you start comparing online colleges with each other, it won’t take long to notice some significant differences. First, not all online colleges offer the same degrees. Second, costs can vary widely, sometimes by as much as $20,000. Third, each school offers different levels of instructor involvement and student services. It is wise to fully explore a school’s website to get as much information as possible so you can make an educated decision on which school is best for you and your situation.

Myth: Taking College Courses Online Is Hard

Busted: True, taking college courses online isn’t easy. It requires dedication and self-motivation. The material taught and the exams given are just as difficult as the same classes taken at any traditional college. There are a few resources available that will make a big difference in how successful you are at completing your courses. For example, choose a school where the level of student support offered is high. Look for a school that provides one-on-one help and support with individual mentoring and tutoring at no extra charge. Consider that the benefit of taking courses when and where it’s convenient for you goes a long way to ease the schooling experience.

Myth: Employers Discriminate Against Online-Educated Graduates

Busted: Most employers do not discriminate against online-educated graduates and many of them even realize the benefits of hiring one. It is getting more common for an employer to provide scholarships to employees who wish to attend an online school and move up within the organization. Plus, with your online school’s professional network services and career partners, you may find it easier to jumpstart your career upon graduation.1

Myth: It Costs More for an Online College

Busted: There are several factors that affect how much your college education will cost, including room-and-board costs, tuition rates, transportation costs, textbooks and other course materials, and more. Some find that, at the end of the day, online colleges are less of an investment as some of those key costs are eliminated (transportation to and from campus being one of them). Except for a few programs, Independence University does not charge extra fees or charge for books and supplies.2 Plus, new students receive a tablet and a laptop computer with software that they may use in school and keep upon graduation.3 And, like most traditional colleges, online universities may offer scholarships and grants to those who qualify.4 An important consideration is that attending an online college may put you on the fast track to graduation. This can help you spend less on tuition in the long run in addition to being able to start your new career sometimes years earlier than a traditional track.

Now that we’ve dispelled many of the myths surrounding online colleges, learn more about the student experience at Independence University!