5 Unexpected Lessons You’ll Learn Outside the Classroom

Updated By Manda Perkins on March 31, 2020

Some of the best life lessons in college are not taught inside the classroom, but are learned through real-world experiences. Whether it’s through the friendships you form or your opportunities for internships, a lot of your learning will happen outside the classroom.

Understanding People In college, you are exposed to new people from all different backgrounds with every point of view. Interacting with other students, staff, instructors, etc. will not only help you understand others better but will also help you shape who you really are. Between conflict management and working in groups, you’ll gain the skills and confidence necessary to be effective in the workforce.

Project Management By participating in study groups, student organizations, and clubs, you’ll quickly learn how to manage your time and workload in the face of deadlines. This type of interaction will help hone your organizational and task-management skills while preparing you for leadership outside of campus. This practice in team building and leadership will help you conform to the work environment in many of the jobs you pursue.

Freedom to Be Creative and Freedom to Fail Creativity is one of the most in-demand leadership skills in today’s job market, and college is the perfect place to develop your creative chops. The college environment allows you the freedom to expand your creativity beyond the classroom and receive feedback from accepting peers. Not all your ideas or projects will be a success, but the freedom to fail and learn from those mistakes is a vital experience.

What You Truly Are Good At While you’re in college, your comfort zone will be tested both inside and outside the classroom, which can help you discover some of your hidden talents. Get involved, take on new challenges, and really investigate your passions. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses makes you a better potential employee and entrepreneurial leader.

You Really Can Do Anything! Once you realize that you can juggle school, work, family, friends, and adulthood all at the same time, you will understand that you really can do anything when you put the effort into it. By graduation, you’ll recognize your shortcomings and be able to honestly celebrate all of your hard work. The success of graduation will catapult you into continued success in your career field.