Pam Adams: Life Lessons and Never Giving Up

Posted By Staff Writer on October 27, 2016

Hello everyone!  My name is Pam Adams. I received my Associate of Science in Respiratory Care from Independence University in 2013. I never thought I could obtain a college degree, let alone a degree from an online university. My choice for the online course made it easier for me to care for a disabled individual whom I have been with since 2004. The advisors and instructors were generous with their time and were caring in their positions. The instructors would go out of their way to offer their time, even off-the-clock, via email, chat, or phone.  They were dedicated to my success. I will never forget my experience because it taught me many lessons.  I will say that I believe that life is all about timing. I believe God has a plan for us all but sometimes hard lessons are learned along the way. I also believe that we are at our best when helping others.

``I will never forget my experience because it taught me many lessons.``

I could have chosen a nursing career but I chose respiratory care for a reason. That reason is to fulfill my commitment to a disabled individual who will likely spend his last days on a ventilator. My commitment to him was to keep him in his home as long as possible. I passed the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) exam in September of this year. Some hardships had come my way in 2011, and I struggled for years trying to get past them. In 2014 and 2015, I had given up on myself.  I never thought I would ever get past the events that occurred and live a normal life. One of the lessons life taught me is to never give up. Earlier this year, Independence University reached and offered me a chance to update my skills and relearn material. I called it "the cram," as it was a rigorous set of weekly deadlines and numerous data materials. It was overwhelming. There were weekly lectures where we could chat with one another and the instructor. I also had access to several tutors. For me being able to talk aloud about the subject matter was what put me into passing-mode. I consider these individuals close acquaintances of mine and I hope to meet them someday. Maybe at an AARC conference— we'll see.

``One of the lessons life taught me is to never give up.``

Now I work at a hospital that specializes in vent care and infection control, whose mission is to serve the poor with a reverence. Respiratory care has changed in the past years and it has changed me. We are respected in our field.  I learn something new every day from staff, patients, and family members. I love the culture there and being able to serve the less fortunate. The feeling I get when educating someone on how to better their life is one I’ll always treasure. Sincerely, Pam Adams
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Pam Adams (center) graduated with an Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy from Independence University in 2013.