Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas on the Go

By Staff Writer Published on July 29, 2013

We like to overschedule ourselves and expect superman/superwoman results out of every plan we make. We don’t allow for humanity to slip in. Relaxed mornings don’t exist because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Taking shortcuts is the easiest way to get everything done.

Human nature isn’t going to change anytime soon either. There will always be those jam-packed mornings where you have to grab breakfast on the go. The key is learning what to grab.

2 Bananas

Always keep a bunch of tasty bananas on your counter. Just two bananas has the ability to energize your for about an hour and a half workout. That’s more than enough energy to power you through most jobs until lunch time. 5 seconds out of your way.

Yogurt and 2 Slices of Bread

Yogurt provides healthy amounts of good bacteria, plus calcium benefits. Bread provides carbohydrates (energy) and fills that hole in your stomach. Toast it, put a piece of meat between the inside edges, or anything else you prefer. It’s quick and easy to snag on your way out the door. 10 seconds out of your way.

Apple, Nuts, and Cheese Cubes

Fruit and cheese tastes great together. Apples provide a lot of your basic nutrients, cheese is full of dairy goodness, and nuts provide salt/protein to your diet. Throw them all in a baggy and be on your way. 30 seconds tops.

When it comes to saving seconds, you’re not going to be too much later than you already are. Even 30 seconds isn’t going to put you back a lot. Instead of grabbing the pizza in 3 seconds or less, tear off two bananas. Instead of going hungry, trudge over to the kitchen for half a minute to grab a healthy breakfast before school.

Your mind will be more alert and your work will improve. Homework, work, and every other aspect of your day are easier to do when you keep up a healthy diet.