How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in 2020

Updated By Staff Writer on June 10, 2020

These days, it’s becoming increasingly important to stand out from your peers when searching for a job. Your resume is often the first impression a potential employer will get of your skills and experience. Alarmingly, it takes an average of six seconds for a hiring manager to decide whether a resume warrants an interview. Making a stellar first impression on your resume is definitely more important now than ever before.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to make your resume stand out to a potential employer. Here are four ways to make your resume stand out in the 2020 job pool.

Leave off your address, add your social media accounts

In the past, a standard resume was only complete if it included your name, address, email, and phone number in the heading. An employer will no longer be looking for your full physical address, so just including the city and state you reside within should be sufficient. Also, be sure to include hyperlinks to your LinkedIn account, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media accounts you use professionally to help paint a better picture of you and your work.

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Use attractive design

One of the key elements of a standout resume of the future is a nice layout and easy readability. Most people in charge of hiring will simply skim through your resume, so you need to be sure their eyes will be drawn to the most important portions. Consider bolding special keywords and information that they may be looking for to ensure they don’t overlook anything that could set you apart from the other hundred or so resumes they’re glancing through that day. Here’s a list of free templates to give your resume a fresh, polished look.

Cut the waste

In addition to cutting out your physical address, consider leaving out the skills section on your resume and a statement about your career goals. Instead, include a brief, professional bio introducing yourself, highlighting important job history and painting a simple picture that will help a future employer see how amazing you are. It’s more important to demonstrate your skills than to list them. Be sure to integrate the skills section into your job history descriptions—it’ll make a bigger impact there.

Use important keywords

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Keep the job posting close by as you tweak your resume to fit each specific job. Use wording throughout your resume that mirrors the wording found within the job posting. Some companies use computer software to sift through the stacks of resumes they receive, and using the company’s language can help your resume make it through this process.

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