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How to Succeed in Online Classes: 7 Signs That You’re Ready

Updated By Staff Writer on January 29, 2021

Going to an online university takes a lot of self-discipline, but that shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your goals and aspirations. Like any new journey, online education takes courage and grit, and you are more capable than you think.

At Independence University, we want to help you succeed. We’ve compiled seven qualities that you can develop to help you succeed in online classes.

1. Self-Motivation

A self-motivated student pushes themselves to achieve their goals. They will log-on to their class pages and discussion forums every day. They can easily say no when their friends and family want to hang out during designated study time. They are driven by their accomplishments and recognize that they are accountable for themselves.

When you attend college online, no one is pushing you to complete your coursework. While that may sound nice, it’s crucial to foster serious motivation and self-discipline to work on assignments and find time to study.

2. Organization

Do you like to-do lists? Do you use organizer and calendar apps to stay on top of your upcoming assignments? Or maybe you prefer to go old school and have a paper version that you scribble notes on?Do you jot down ideas as they come to you? If the answer is yes, then you’re pretty organized—aka, you’re ready to tackle online education!

Students need to be organized to succeed in online schooling. It’s incredibly helpful to list and rank tasks based on importance. That way, you can effectively prioritize and get your work done on time. It also helps to keep important documents filed for easy organization and access.

3. You Work Well Independently

Online students enjoy a lot of flexibility. They can study and complete assignments wherever they please. This is perfect for those who already lead busy lives with work and family obligations. But this flexibility can be a set back if not properly managed.

Be careful not to think of this flexibility as freedom. Online classes still have deadlines. The class syllabus and online instruction still offer a lot of structure. If you’re able to keep track of a schedule and plan ahead to complete assignments, you won’t have issues at Independence University.

4. You Like Learning on Your Own

Learning from the course material is your job. That’s true for any educational setting, but online classes put even more responsibility on your plate. With no mandatory class attendance, it’s up to you to listen to course lectures and complete reading assignments so you can understand important concepts.

Moreover, if you have any questions, it’s your job to find the answer. This might involve emailing your professor, asking classmates, or doing some research online. While not always pleasant, you enjoy searching for the answers and enjoy the learning process.

5. You’re Focused

It’s a lot easier to get distracted when you study from home. If you have family or pets calling your name, food in the pantry, a flat-screen TV, and a soft bed beckoning you to sleep, it can be challenging to invest all of your attention on your textbook.

Online students need to be able to cut out distractions to fully enjoy the freedom of studying from home. That means silencing your phone and turning off notifications from your favorite social media platforms. If you browse social media on your computer, consider temporarily logging out of your accounts while you study. This will help you focus in the long run, and the more you focus, the better quality of work you’ll produce.

6. You Don’t Procrastinate

Assignments need to be finished well before their deadline, so you can review them and ask questions before confidently pressing that “submit” button. If you can’t stand letting an assignment go unfinished for too long, then it sounds like you’re well on-track to tackle online college.

Just like with any formal education, there are plenty of deadlines to keep track of. Instead of letting them pile up, you should get them done as quickly as possible. A cleared to-do list is much more rewarding than waiting for a far-off deadline.

7. You Know When to Ask for Help

When you’re studying alone, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll run into questions. Or maybe you need help understanding how to complete an assignment. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If anything, you should feel relieved that there are professors and classmates who are happy to answer your questions.

For instance, at Independence University, we have a wealth of student support resources to help you through your online education. From tutoring to career services, these resources can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to graduate.

Are You Ready for Success?

Do you see any of these qualities in yourself or see the potential to develop them? Developing these qualities is a strategy for success in online classes and can prepare you to make your career goals a reality with Independence University.

To take the next steps, check out our Online College Student's Survival Guide to understand what steps you can take now to succeed at Independence University.