Starting at IU

What to Expect When Starting School at Independence University

Updated By Staff Writer on March 25, 2020

Starting school, especially at a university level, can be as exciting as it can be nerve-wracking. More than anything, you certainly have questions that could have a lot of different answers.

If you’re thinking of pursuing an online college degree from Independence University, or if you’re already signed up but still have questions, you’re in the right place.

Find answers below to a variety of questions like when classes start or if transferring previously earned college credit is possible.

I understand that I will get a new laptop and tablet while I attend school at Independence University, how does that work?

Students starting online college with IU will need a computer. Luckily, you won’t have to pay for one yourself. Independence University provides undergraduate students with both a tablet and a laptop to use while they pursue their online degree. Once you’ve completed your degree, both the laptop and the tablet will be yours to keep.

Your tablet will be shipped to you during your first module. A module is a four-week term. You’ll use the tablet until you receive your laptop, which will be shipped to you at the beginning of your fourth module.

Your tablet and laptop will arrive pre-loaded with all the necessary software, applications, and programs you will need to complete your required coursework, earn credit for your courses, and ultimately earn your degree.

It should be noted that the benefit of a tablet and laptop are only provided to those working toward an Associate’s or Bachelor's degree, not our Master’s programs.

When do classes start?

Most colleges and universities have set semesters that start at set times. If you miss the application deadlines for these semesters, you often have to wait months before you’re able to start taking classes.

This isn’t the case at Independence University. One of the best things about getting a degree from IU is you won’t have to put earning your degree on hold. Our classes start monthly, so there’s no waiting and no waiting lists.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about classes being available or what class to take next. You simply choose which program you wish to enroll in and we do the rest. We set your schedule for you to ensure you get the right classes in the right order. We’re designed to fit into your busy life!

You can request more information about this unique class rotation here.

Can I transfer college credits to IU?

If you’ve previously attended college somewhere else and already paid for a number of credits, you shouldn’t have to pay to take similar courses at IU. At IU, we are happy to consider transferred college credit. We will work with you to figure out if any existing credits you have will transfer over. Please be aware, however, that the institution does not currently have any formal agreements to accept credit from other schools. Though we may be amenable to accept transfers, other schools might not be willing to initiate.

Credits will only be accepted from other institutions which are accredited by an agency recognized by the US Department of Education. Credits may transfer when the course submitted for consideration lines up with the content and scope of IU’s comparable course. If you have international credits you’d like to transfer, they will be reviewed on an individual basis.

If you want to transfer credit, you’ll need to supply a college transcript. Some courses won’t match up with what we offer at IU. In those instances, a course syllabus or description from the school’s catalog will be needed. If you don’t have a transcript from your previous school, we are willing to help track it down by working with you and getting in contact with the college in question.

We also don’t charge fees for transferring credits. If you have transferable credits, you won’t have to pay to transfer them and the cost of the class they replace will be deducted from the program amount. The credits you’ve previously earned will be applied to your degree at Independence University.

Ultimately, credit transfer happens at the judgment and discretion of the Dean and/or the Campus Director or Provost. If you have further questions about transferring college credits to IU, contact one of our admissions consultants for more help.

How much computer knowledge do I need to have?

Since IU is a completely online school, you will need to have at least a basic understanding of how to use a computer. We issue a pre-enrollment assessment to ensure basic computer knowledge as well as assess dominant learning styles. If you happen to not score high enough, you can retake the test. If you still don’t meet the minimum score after two attempts, you will have to wait 30 days before taking the assessment again.

The test will determine if you have the basic knowledge to use a computer to earn an online degree. That being said, basic computer knowledge is all that is required; all IU courses are designed to be extremely user friendly.

After you are enrolled, the university provides an online tutorial that will walk you through instructions on how to take quizzes and tests, access assignments and resources, and more.

Your instructors can answer any continuing questions you may have about computer knowledge after you’ve passed the assessment. If you still have concerns, you can contact admissions at IU with further questions.

Will Independence University accept the GED® test credential?

Enrolled or potential students who earned their GED® test credential are accepted at Independence University, as are all students with a degree from an accredited high school, private secondary school, etc.

There are other admissions requirements students must meet before being accepted into a degree program at IU and can vary depending on program. All students will have to take the Smarter Measure Assessment), as well as an Early Admission Course (EAC). In addition, applicants must have a perfect score on the University and Policy Quiz.

How do Independence University terms work?

Courses at IU are conducted on a four-week module schedule with new classes starting up each month. You will take one to two classes per module and get a new set of classes every 4 weeks. You will be notified when your specific courses are starting. Students are expected to participate in online courses at least four days a week. Whether or not a student has met that requirement is calculated by the university’s Learning Management Systems (LMS).

You’ll have various assignments or things to do through the LMS that will count as your attendance in class. If you don’t submit assignments, participate in discussions, do online reading, etc. for five consecutive days, you’ll be contacted regarding your attendance.

If you have no participation for 10 days, you’ll begin receiving Attendance Warning Letters.

Once the four weeks are up, your class will be completed, and you’ll be able to move on to the next course in your degree program.

Can you start online college anytime?

Different online colleges have different approaches to courses and schedules. At Independence University, courses start every month and are based on a four week module schedule. Please note - there are courses that may not follow the four week schedule.

Contact the admissions office with questions about specific courses or with any questions you may have about enrolling in an online degree program with Independence University.