The Benefits of Learning Computer Programming

Posted By Staff Writer on August 15, 2013

You may have heard people talking recently in the news about how computer programming is the new “superpower” that isn’t being taught in many United States schools. Successful computer programmers like Mark Zuckerberg and Drew Houston attest to the fact that if kids learn how to program in school, they will be better prepared to successfully navigate our modern technological world. Very few middle and high schools teach computer programming to their students. As a result of this, most people who are ready to start college haven’t had a taste of programming yet. Luckily, the tech industry is growing and many universities are stepping up to educate the next generation of computer programmers.

Benefits of Learning to Code

There are many benefits to learning computer coding. And even if you didn’t learn how to program computers in your youth, you can definitely still learn in college. One of the main benefits of knowing computer code is that you have many career paths available to you. There is not just one career that you can do if you study computer programming. Programmers are needed in almost every career field in existence. Not only are programmers needed, but they are in high demand because not very many people know how to code. For example, with a Web Design & Development degree, you can apply for jobs in a wide range of industries including finance, government, insurance, education, and virtually any business that relies on computer systems and networks. With a degree that provides training in Mobile App Development, you can further improve your skill set and make yourself desirable to future employers. Another benefit to learning how to code computers is that you can usually work from home. Many programmers can work most of the time at home, and go into the office for a little bit each week. Some people do not like or do not do well working from home, so these people could go to the office and work. The point is that it’s a flexible position. You’re not tied down to just following one way of doing things.

Learn Your Superpower

All in all, learning how to code computers is a wise career move. Learning how to code is our modern “superpower,” enabling us to better connect with each other and advance our technology. At Independence University, we have several degree programs that can set you up for a successful career as a computer programmer.


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