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The Benefits of Learning Computer Programming Online

Updated By Staff Writer on March 29, 2021

You may have heard people talking about how computer programming is the new “superpower.” Successful programmers like Mark Zuckerberg and Drew Houston attest to the fact that if kids learn how to program in school, they will be better prepared to successfully navigate our modern technological world.

While more and more schools are starting to teach coding as early as first or second grade, it still isn’t normal for most people to know how to code. It might not seem too extreme that students don’t know how to code, but imagine a child not learning how to read or do basic math. For many people in tech fields, learning how to code is equally essential.

Having some knowledge and experience with coding can be helpful to everyone, even if your career isn’t in technology or programming, and the earlier you start learning, the better off you will be.

Why Is It Important to Learn Computer Programming?

Having some literacy in coding can help you in many types of jobs. And just as learning to write doesn’t force you into becoming an author or journalist, learning how to code doesn’t mean you have to become a programmer. Even a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, or SQL will make you a more efficient salesperson, designer, or marketer.

Plus, software is becoming more and more common in everything we do. Could you have imagined a few years ago that you’d use a smartphone to find a date or flag down a car? The more you understand computers, the more power you will have over your environment.

Gaining new ways of thinking might be one of the best benefits of learning programming languages. How often do we think systematically in our daily lives? Just one class in programming can discipline your mind to find the cause of problems, pull apart processes, and create solutions, even if you never become a coder.

10 Benefits of Learning to Code

Learning how to code is about more than simply getting a job. Here are 10 of the biggest reasons learning how to code can feel like a superpower and why you should start learning how to code right now even if you never plan to become a professional programmer.

1. Problem Solving

While code at first glance might look complicated or rigid, the truth about coding is that it’s extremely flexible. Coding is all about finding creative solutions to a problem. And if you were to present the same coding problem to a group of ten different coders, you would get ten very different codes. The end results might all be the same, but the path they used to get there would be different because each programmer would use their own unique style to find a solution to the issue. Problem-solving skills are useful in any field and are a major benefit to learning to code as a student.

2. Logic and Reasoning

Logical thinking and reasoning are essential software developer skills. As you learn to code, you will improve your logic and reasoning skills because it is only through using logic that you will be able to create efficient, dependable code. Logic is a strength in any field because you will be able to better analyze and assess both the big picture and smaller details within a problem.

3. Perseverance

No code is ever perfect when it is first created. There are always going to be bugs, errors, and flaws within code. Coding teaches you that those errors and bugs aren’t something to run away from, but part of the process to persevere through. Coding teaches you to not give up and to keep fighting even when problems arise, which is a powerful trait to have in any career.

4. Creativity

All code starts from nothing and is creatively pieced together to create masterworks. Coding gives you a blank canvas to experiment with, which encourages creativity and play. Coding languages can be compared to learning French, Spanish, or any other language. Once upon a time, you learned the basic grammar rules and vocabulary for English, which enabled you to understand the rules of the language, and better communicate and share your ideas. The same is true for coding. With the fundamentals of a coding language, you open doors to more creativity and expression.

5. Communication

Not only does learning a new language empower you to open up a new realm of thought and expression, but it also strengthens other language skills. By learning additional grammar and sentence structures (or in the case of coding, syntax), our awareness of similar structures and aspects in our native language improves. This means that a benefit of learning to code is improving both your written and verbal communication skills.

6. Positive Mindset

Learning how to code is difficult and can lead to tackling large-scale projects. While you might learn the basics in a few weeks or months, it can take years to become fluent and comfortable in doing it. After putting in the hard work and effort to make it a reality, it’s rewarding to step back and recognize your accomplishments. Learning how to code can teach you that you can achieve your goals no matter the size or complexity of a task.

7. Marketability

Coding languages are just as appealing to employers as your ability to speak another language like Spanish or Mandarin. Even in fields where coding isn’t required, achieving fluency in coding can help you stand out from the crowd and improve your chances of landing a job.

8. Online Presence Customization

A growing number of people manage personal websites. By learning how to code, you are able to customize your website to best reflect your personality and style all on your own. You’ll be able to quickly change and modify your page when you need to, which will give you the flexibility you need to represent yourself well at all times.

9. Automation

If your job has boring, repetitive tasks that could be easily done by a computer, why not make the computer do it? One benefit of coding is that it can help you free up time when you automate repetitive tasks, which gives you time to focus on what matters. This makes your day-to-day life easier and can help you be productive no matter which career you have.

10. Community Membership

Even if it isn’t your full-time job, once you learn how to code, you become a member of a huge network of tech professionals that help and support each other. Coders are some of the friendliest and most helpful people you could hope to meet. Community members are always there to help each other learn and improve. Programming groups encompass everything from large, international communities to small, local organizations that you can turn to as you learn how to code.

What Jobs Can I Get if I Know Computer Programming?

Learning a programming language is one of the first steps to becoming a software developer. By starting out early and learning to code now, you may find you enjoy it and want to pursue a coding-based career. There are a variety of career paths you can choose from. With the steady expansion and integration of technology in every industry, there is a growing need for qualified software developers and similar professions nearly everywhere.

Learn Your New Coding Superpower Now!

The best time to start learning how to code is now. You don’t have to wait to become a software engineer or a data scientist to start. Learning how to code is our modern “superpower,” and it’s available for everyone. It can help enable you to better connect with each other and advance technology.

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