Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Graphic Artists to Follow

Posted By Staff Writer on November 18, 2016

Every day, brilliant people around the globe grace social media with inspirational posts and incredible photos. Graphic designers, in particular, have a unique presence on social media, thanks to their expertise and masterful ability to combine text and pictures. If you’re interested in getting a firsthand look at the social media accounts of reputable graphic artists, consider following these 10 Instagram accounts:


A photographer and graphic/web designer based out of the United Kingdom, Kus has a trained eye for capturing beauty. Though sprinkled with unique examples of his graphic design style, Kus’s Instagram account is mainly filled with nearly 1,700 emotion-evoking photos. The fact that he has 845,000 followers is a testament to his incredible work. Mike Kus


Graphic designer and photographer Bradley G Munkouitz turns remarkable photos into artistic masterpieces. His geometric style and use of primary colors make what might be an ordinary sight into an extraordinary experience. Gmunk


Graphic artist Anthony Burrill brings his experience to life on his Instagram page. Bold numbers, letters, and symbols dominate his artwork, and bright colors captivate any viewer. His style is undeniably unique. Anthony Burrill


Alex Donne Johnson is the creative director and designer at Dazzly Ship, a creative production studio. Vibrant colors and wildly abstract designs tantalize the eye, while his occasional photo of books or scenery brings the viewer back to reality. victor


For self-proclaimed traveling illustrator and passionate Cheetos lover Lauren Hom, beauty is found through words. Her Instagram page is filled with photos of her remarkable penmanship gracing the far corners of this globe. Bright colors radiate happiness, and inspirational quotes spur positivity, qualities her 58,000+ followers surely appreciate. homesweethom


Tad Carpenter is a designer and partner of Carpenter Collective, a design and branding studio out of Kansas City, Missouri. Carpenter’s Picasso-esque style has enhanced brands like the Dave Matthews Band, the Indianapolis Colts, Old Navy, Boulevard Brewing Company, and many more. And if that’s not enough to get you interested, he’s also written and illustrated his own children’s book. tadcarpernter


Though the zeitguised page has only 91 posts, each post showcases an incredible way that graphic design can be used to create movement. Each mini-video is so remarkably abstract that it captivates the eye and evokes feelings and emotions for all who watch. The site’s weird, vibrant, and artsy style is a go-to for graphic inspiration. zeitguised


Hey, a graphic design studio based in Barcelona, Spain, fills their Instagram page with vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and stylish photos. Their trendy approach to graphic design has earned them a reputation as one of Spain’s most exciting graphic design studios. Heystudio


Director of Studio Moross and co-owner of Kate Moross was recently named one of the three most inspiring graphic designers over the last 20 years. Her unique love of color, heavy oriental influence, and cute pictures of dogs are great inspirations when you’re in need of a pick-me-up. katemoross


If you’re an avid photographer looking for a truly motivating individual to follow, look no further than Brenton Clarke Little. His stunning photography skills bring photos of the outdoors to life, evoking emotion in all who see his work. The fact that he has 246,000 followers speaks for itself. If you’re inspired by these individuals and feel you might have a knack for graphic design, check out the graphic arts programs at Independence University. The online School of Graphic Arts offers an associate’s degree program and two bachelor’s degree programs designed to help you combine your creativity and artistic instinct with the theories and practices used by professionals. Learn more at