Top 3 Tech Companies in Each State

Posted By Staff Writer on March 21, 2018

One of the hottest job markets today is the technology sector, which is unsurprising when you consider the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of technology. Simply put, it’s the future. No matter where you live, there are some pretty innovative technology firms. Here’s a list of the top three tech companies in all 50 states.


  • CTS Inc. is a software consulting firm with about 310 employees, located in Birmingham. As of April 2017, they’ve been acquired by CGI Group, a Canadian IT giant offering application development, IT consulting systems integration, and more.
  • AQ2 Technologies is also located in Birmingham, and offers transaction automation solutions.
  • Blue Ocean Technologies is based in Birmingham, and it helps businesses shift from using antiquated, costly on-site equipment to a cloud-based system
  • TEKsystems provides IT services and is located in Anchorage.
  • CSRA stations are located in Juneau and Fort Wainwright, and they provide services in cybersecurity, data and analytics, and other digital services.
  • Chanok Studios is a web design and development business located in Palmer.


  • SiteLock is a leader in website security solutions, offering total cloud-based web protection. It is headquartered in Scottsdale.
  • WebPT develops software for physical therapy providers and is based in Phoenix.
  • Nextiva is based in Scottsdale and provides telecommunications services.


  • Metova offers software design and development, and is located in Cabot, Conway, and Fayetteville.
  • Big Cloud Analytics is headquartered in Atlanta, but has offices in Arkansas. It’s a market leader in providing real-time marketing predictions.
  • Eyenalyze uses daily sales numbers and profit data from suppliers such as food service, payroll, and credit card companies to provide profitability statistics to restaurants. It is located in Conway.


  • Netflix is the movie and TV show streaming giant and is headquartered in Los Gatos.
  • AlphabetThe world’s most popular search engine, Google, provides the world’s largest online advertising platform and a variety of other cloud-based software services such as Gmail, Google docs, and Google Maps.
  • Apple is headquartered in Cupertino. It is wildly successful for its cell phones, tablets, and Macintosh computers.


  • Arrow is a worldwide tech provider focused on innovation. It is located in Centennial.
  • HomeAdvisor is a digital marketplace that links homeowners up with home improvement, repair, and maintenance professionals. It is located in Golden.
  • TeleTech is located in Englewood. They provide technology and consulting services.




  • Accenture provides technology consulting and has offices in St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Miami.
  • Ciber provides IT solutions for businesses and has offices in Orlando and Tampa.
  • CoastalCloud is headquartered in Palm Coast and helps businesses transition to cloud-based systems.


  • Gimme Vending is headquartered in Atlanta and is taking the vending machine business digital.
  • brrr specializes in cool fabric technology and is located in Atlanta.
  • FusionHealth is located in Suwanee and provides healthcare systems with solutions addressing poor sleep health.



  • Hewlett-Packard is one of the world’s largest tech companies, with its printer division centered in Boise.
  • Micron Technology provides advanced semiconductor solutions, is located in Boise, and is one of Idaho’s largest employers.
  • WhiteCloud Analytics designs and implements new analytic applications for the healthcare sector, and is located in Boise.


  • Groupon connects buyers to great deals with companies selling their goods or services. It is located in Chicago.
  • Morningstar is also located in Chicago and delivers investment research to clients.
  • Echo Global Logistics is a transportation management provider located in Chicago.


  • InfraWare is located in Terre Haute and is a platform for documenting healthcare visits.
  • SmarterHQ is headquartered in Indianapolis and specializes in marketing technology used to acquire and maintain customers.
  • CloudOne is also in Indianapolis and provides IT services.



  • Loquient offers cloud solutions, computer repair, and other technology support. It is located in Prairie Village.
  • Results Technology provides IT services and consulting and is based in Lenexa.
  • Technology Group Solutions offers web development and consulting services. It is located in Lenexa.


  • Space Tango builds systems to further microgravity research for use on Earth and is based in Lexington.
  • Cirrusmio provides Internet of Things services and is located in Lexington.
  • MakeTime links businesses with manufacturing needs with other business that have extra manufacturing capabilities. It is located in Lexington.


  • Bellwether is a premier provider of IT services and is located in New Orleans.
  • BridgeNet provides technology consulting services and is located in Madisonville.
  • Carrollton Group is a software company that provides technical infrastructure to advanced facilities. It is located in New Orleans.


  • WEX provides services to simplify payment solutions for businesses and is located in Portland.
  • IDEXX Laboratories is located in Portland and provides technology and services for improving veterinary medicine.
  • Tyler Technologies is a software company providing technology to the public sector. It is located in Yarmouth.


  • Mindgrub is a software developer located in Baltimore.
  • Auxilium Technology provides digital branding, web development, and internet marketing services. It is located in Rockville.
  • SCD Information Technology provides IT services and systems support. It is located in Columbia.


  • Unitrends provides IT professionals with data backup and cloud solutions. It is located in Boston.
  • is an online community for finding caretakers for children or the elderly, and it is based out of Boston.
  • LogMeIn is a service that allows you to log in to your computer remotely. They are also based in Boston.



  • Tech Guru is a technology service provider and consulting company located in Minneapolis.
  • CAD Technology Center is a software development and consulting company. It is located in Bloomington.
  • Open Access Technology International provides software solutions for the North American energy infrastructure. It is located in Minneapolis.


  • Pileum Corp provides IT support and consulting, cloud services, networking, and email services. It is located in Jackson.
  • Hyperion Technology Group provides engineering and automation solutions and is located in Tupelo.
  • Systems Electro Coating provides electrocoating to original equipment manufacturers, such as Nissan. It is located in Madison.



  • Ascent Vision provides affordable aerial surveillance to businesses and the government. It is located in Belgrade.
  • Audience Awards allows people to submit high-quality videos and films for branding and marketing contests. It is located in Missoula.
  • Centricient connects customers and businesses through text messages. It is located in Bozeman.



  • CAEK Inc. provides software that allows healthcare providers to automate HIPAA compliance. It is located in Reno.
  • Vortex IT Solutions is an IT company located in Reno.
  • Recon Technologies Inc. specializes in the distribution of medical equipment to companies, healthcare facilities, and government organizations. It is located in Reno.

New Hampshire

  • Nanocomp Technologies specializes in an array of advanced nano materials and is located in Merrimack.
  • Silver Tech is a website and mobile developer specializing in digital marketing. It is located in Manchester.
  • Acapella provides IT services and consulting and is located in Manchester.

New Jersey

  • Billtrust provides automated invoice-to-cash services for businesses. It is located in Hamilton.
  • iCIMs provides talent acquisition software that helps companies hire the right people. It is located in Matawan.
  • IT America is an IT company focusing on staffing and consulting. It is located in Edison.

New Mexico

New York

  • Enigma provides data infrastructure solutions and is centered in New York City.
  • Icreon Tech is based out of New York City, and develops web, mobile, and software platforms for companies.
  • Microsoft Technology Centers are located all over the country, with a large office in New York City. They connect customers to new devices, teach about the latest tech, and solve technical issues.

North Carolina

  • Cisco is a global leader in networking and IT services. They have a large office in Durham.
  • IBM provides a multitude of services, including business consulting, research, networking, and cloud systems. There is a large office in Durham.
  • Red Hat works to improve your company’s adaptability by providing a solid cloud-based system. It is located in Raleigh.

North Dakota

  • Northstar Technology Group provides IT services with a focus on healthcare. It is located in Fargo.
  • NRG Technology Services provides IT consulting, virtualization, and email and spam protection. It is located in Bismarck.
  • TrueIT is an IT and software development company located in West Fargo.


  • OnBase by Hyland is a platform for managing content and processes. It is based out of Westlake.
  • Nanofiber Solutions designs and produces 3D nanofiber scaffolds used in cell culture and artificial tissues. It is located in Hilliard.
  • Viewabill is a platform that enables clients of various firms to track invoice activity in real-time to avoid surprises or problems. It is located in Columbus.


  • Dobson Technologies offers IT, transport, and telecom solutions. It is located in Oklahoma City.
  • SensiQ Technologies develops surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instruments and is located in Oklahoma City.
  • Commuter Air Technology develops high-quality enhancements for its customer’s aircraft. It is located in Oklahoma City.


  • Intel is a leading manufacturer of computer chips and one of its major offices is located in Portland.
  • Xerox also has a major office just outside Portland. It focuses on printer manufacturing.
  • Tektronix develops various test and measurement equipment and is located in Portland.


  • 4moms designs robotic baby gear such as electronic strollers and self-installing car seats. It is located in Pittsburgh.
  • Duolingo is a popular language-learning with headquarters in Pittsburgh.
  • Aquion develops sustainable, large-scale-use batteries that store renewable energy for when there’s no renewable energy to collect, such as sun or wind. It is located in Pittsburgh.

Rhode Island

South Carolina

  • Pixels & Grits is a web design company located in Charleston.
  • Rhinogram is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant tool for simplifying daily operations of healthcare providers. It is located in Daniel Island.
  • Illuminate is located in Goose Creek and designs motion graphics and animation.

South Dakota

  • Daktronics designs high-quality scoreboards, LED video displays, and other message signs. It is located in Brookings.
  • Muth Technology is an electrical contractor based in Mitchell.
  • Hartman Technology is located in Sioux Falls and specializes in software and website development.



  • TrendKite allows organizations to track and maximize the impact of their PR endeavors. It is located in Austin.
  • OwnLocal helps small businesses turn their print, radio, and TV ads into online ads. It is located in Austin.
  • HotSchedules is a cloud-based software for restaurants and other hospitality industries used to track employee scheduling and labor management. It is located in Austin.


  • Domo provides software that helps companies with data visualization and finances. It is located in American Fork.
  • is used worldwide for genealogical research and is based in Provo.
  • Qualtrics is a private research software company that allows users to do various types of online data collection. It is based in Provo.


  • Global-Z helps to keep your international contact information accurate and integrated. It is located in Bennington.
  • Reading Plus is an online program that helps students become proficient readers by improving comprehension, speed, and vocabulary. It is based out of Winooski.
  • LPA Design created the PocketWizard, a device that enables users to trigger the flash or shutter on their digital cameras from hundreds of feet away. It is located in South Burlington.


  • ThinkFun designs logic puzzles and games to make learning fun for their kids and teach critical thinking skills. It is located in Alexandria.
  • Rosetta Stone is headquartered in Arlington and is an education technology software for language learning.
  • Invincea is an innovative antivirus software that detects and stops malware. It is located in Fairfax.


  • Microsoft is located in Redmond and includes various businesses, such as Bing and Xbox.
  • Amazon has its headquarters in Kent and deals in ecommerce and online video streaming.
  • Accenture provides consulting, digital, and technology services. It is located in Seattle.

West Virginia

  • TMC Technology is a software company providing cyber security and IT service management. It is located in Fairmont.
  • Advantage Technology provides telecommunication and networking support. It is located in Charleston.
  • HMS Technologies is an IT systems integrator located in Martinsburg.


  • Wonderbox Technologies is a benefit management platform for the healthcare industry. It is located in Mequon.
  • ZyQuest is an IT support company providing software development and web and app development. It is located in De Pere.
  • Orbitec is a subsystems integrator for propulsion systems, fire suppression systems, and more. It is located in Madison.


  • Medicine Bow Technologies is an IT support company based in Laramie.
  • Happy Jack Software develops custom software for all industries and is located in Laramie.
  • Autodesk develops software for architecture, engineering, construction, and more. It has a large office in Laramie.

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