Top 5 Design Firms in North America

Posted By Staff Writer on January 7, 2017

Choosing your future career can be a difficult process, especially if you’re entering college undecided. If you’ve ever given any thought to a career in the design industry, now is an excellent time to go back to college or change your major. Here are 5 top North American firms that could motivate and inspire the designer in you.

1. Pentagram

Started in 1972, London-based design firm Pentagram offers services ranging from architecture to books. Known to be the world’s biggest independent design firm, Pentagram has offices worldwide, including Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco, and Austin. Past and present clients for this well-known firm include the Sundance Film Festival, the Whitney Museum of Art, and Saturday Night Live.
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2. Wedge & Lever

Based out of San Diego, Wedge & Lever is a relatively new design firm to hit the market, opening their doors in 2012. This firm is known for their colorful imagery and bold typefaces, truly exemplifying the feel of Southern California. With a young, hip vibe, this firm is looking to help companies in need of a design facelift.
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3. Ro&Co

Manhattan-based Ro&Co was founded in 2006. The staff enjoys spending their time and creativity serving as leaders in visual thought, offering help with art direction, interactive design, print design, and branding. Working mainly with beauty and fashion companies like Candela and Loeffler Randall, Ro&Co also offers their services to tech companies like Google Play Music.
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4. Blok

With its home office in Toronto, Canada, Blok helps companies like Nike, Nestle, and Blackberry create brand design, signage, digital design, and film and video. Taking their inspiration from everything in the world around them, this firm is also known for producing their own product designs and in-house books.
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5. Ghost

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, Ghost is a design firm that believes in discovering “truth and clarity through design.” They also believe that design can solve everything. This firm’s designers aim to create opportunity and find truth in their work by determining the story, formulating a strategy, and ultimately creating the finished product. Offering services like web design and development, print, animation, and video, Ghost is a design firm on the rise.
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The Time to Plan Is Now

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